The UK has been a popular location for major US and international productions for decades. But with uncertainty in recent years over the territory's tax incentives and a clampdown on Gaap financing, Colin Brown - who was appointed in December 2006 - will need to convince US studios of the merits of the new tax credit scheme.

Why shoot in the UK'
We have the studio space to accommodate several major films and have been looking to increase our capacity. We also have skilled technicians who have been honed on these big budget films. Then there is the tax incentive... [which] cuts out tax avoidance, and consequently is more bankable.

How successful is the UK at pulling in overseas production'
We have been very successful. If you look back to three years ago, for example, we had about seven or eight major movies that were made here entirely. I can't think of too many other centres of production that can handle that volume of business.

How receptive are producers to your message'
They are always receptive. Warner Bros already has a semi-permanent arrangement here through the Harry Potter films, and it would be nice to have another studio on the same kind of basis each year.

We are also looking at putting some staff in the Film Council's LA office on a permanent basis to assist the studios with their enquiries and to keep a watchful eye on what our competitors are doing.

Which are your biggest competitors'
Our biggest competitors are Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, especially when it comes to tax incentives.

What is your working day like'
I am constantly in contact with my constituencies in the UK and US and I've just returned from Hollywood where I spoke with all the studio heads about inward investment.

From day one my job has been exciting given the government's pre-emptive move on tax partnerships, but it has been a good thing. It has got me into the bath much more quickly than just sticking my toe in from time to time.

What are the biggest misconceptions about the UK'
Misconceptions tend to be carried by people who haven't filmed over here. We will be offering a service where if a producer is coming here for the first time we will put them in contact with a producer of a similar type of film that shot here so that they can find out what it's like.