The UK Film Council, in an effort to stimulate inward investment production in the UK, is taking eight UK line producers and unit production managers to Los Angeles next week to meet with US studios and independent productoin companies.

British Film Commissioner Colin Brown is leading the trip, also organised with the Production Guild of Great Britain.

The line producers and production managers going to LA are: Jo Burn (Hellboy II, The Hours); Mark Cooper (The Other Boleyn Girl, Shakespeare in Love):, Sally French (Wanted, Children Of Men); Mark Hubbard (The Warrior, St Trinian's); Cindy Irving, (The New World, Alexander); Angus More Gordon (Stardust, Eyes Wide Shut); Richard Sharkey (The Brothers Grimm, The Lord of the Rings); and Kathy Sykes (Mamma Mia!, In the Name of the Father).

Colin Brown said: 'Our line producers and production managers have a long and much valued relationship with the studios and US production executives handling films of all genres, budget size and complexity, bringing films in on time and budget whilst achieving the highest level of production quality and many are currently working on major US movies. The UK executives we are bringing out to LA are representative of the UK's ability and capacity to deliver on a range of films, and they will be talking about the actualities of working on medium and high budget levels, and on inward investment films.'