The Metropolitan Police'sFilm Piracy Unit and Territorial Support Group have arrested ten people in andaround Greater London suspected of involvement in a large network dealing infilm piracy. Three have been released on bail.

The arrests followed raidsin North Chingford, Harlow and Walthamstow at both residences andbusinesses.
Police used information from sources including the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT), the International Federation Phonographic Industries and WalthamForest Trading Standards.

The counterfeit DVD factory, at an industrial site in Harlow, is believed to support criminal networks in London, Southeast England and the HomeCounties.

Utilizing intelligence froma number of sources including FACT(Federation Against Copyright Theft), IFPI(International) and Waltham Forest Trading Standards, the Met'sFilm Piracy Unit were able to target a successful criminal network dealing inthe production of counterfeit DVD's.
'This is a significant successfor the Met's Film Piracy Unit working together with FACT," said Raymond Leinster, FACT's director general. "The focus of this operation is to dismantle a commercial entitysustaining the large scale manufacture and distribution of counterfeit filmmedia. We welcome the in depth financial investigation under the proceeds ofcrime act associated with today's raids.'