UK eyes will be on UIP's The Hulk this weekend after previews for the Ang Lee film were hit by soaring temperatures in the territory last weekend.

That The Hulk will claim a number one UK/Ireland bow is not in doubt but how much it can muster is a bigger question.

The Hulk played two days of UK/Ireland previews last weekend to take $1.6m (£987,000) from 420 sites.

The film will open at approximately 500 sites and is likely to go out on over 900 prints this Friday after another preview day on Thursday (July 17). The Hulk scored $101,638 (Euro 89,950) of previews in the Republic of Ireland last weekend from 31 prints and launches on 70 prints this weekend.

Fortunately for UIP, the weather outlook is bleaker this weekend with cloud cover and showers that may drive audiences back to the cinema. The Hulk should therefore expect a proportionately bigger take this weekend even before factoring in the increased locations.

UIP will no doubt be looking for a $8m (£5m) plus launch in keeping with the likes of Scooby-Doo and Austin Powers In Goldmember last July.

However, The Hulk's quick drop off in the US and smaller pre-film character popularity (compared to the likes of Powers, Spider-Man and Scooby-Doo) may limit its appeal. It seems unlikely to match X2: X-Men United's $9.6m (£5.9m) three-day weekend and will more likely find an opening gross between £4m-£5m.

Elsewhere, Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle and T3: Rise Of The Machines - which ruled the international roost last weekend - look likely to rule the roost.

As of last weekend Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle - the number one overall performer - was sitting pretty on a $79.8m running total with a further 19 territories to go.

At time of going to press Columbia TriStar Film Distributors International (CTFDI) was due to release it in France on July 16 on approximately 726 prints, with a same-day Belgian release going out on approximately 85.

T3, which set a number of industry records and finished the weekend on $27.5m, was due to open on July 17 in Australia on 376 prints, New Zealand on 65 and Taiwan on 97. All prints figures are approximations.

CTFDI also releases Eddie Murphy comedy Daddy Day Care in Russia on July 17 (on roughly 95 prints), and the horror film Darkness Falls will open in Italy on July 18 on roughly 175.

Fox International will open the hit horror film 28 Days Later in Spain on July 18 on wide release.

July 18 will also see the wide release in Brazil of the teen action romp Agent Cody Banks as well as a limited rollout of Antonio Serrano's Mexican mystery-drama Lucia Lucia (aka La Hija Del Canibal) in the same territory.

Fox is also opening the crime thriller The Transporter wide in Italy on July 18, and was due to roll out Neil Jordan's crime drama The Good Thief on limited release in Australia earlier today.

Reality TV adaptation Jackass gets a release in Spain tomorrow through UIP on 64 prints and the action thriller A Man Apart will be released through New Line International in Russia today on 69 screens.

Meanwhile the UIP's first summer animated effort, Sinbad: Legend Of The Seven Seas, may find a mixed reception in The Netherlands and Spain.

Going out on 115 prints in The Netherlands it faces heavy competition in the children's market from local live action kids title The Skippers Of The Kameleon, as well as BVI's Piglet's Big Movie.

Piglet took $87,500 (Euro 77,392) from 107 prints in the market three weeks ago, while last year's DreamWorks/UIP July release of Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron generated $78,400 (Euro 69,377) from 125 - suggesting Sinbad may well end up in this arena.