New London-based production company De Naray Sothcott Entertainment plans to shoot its first featurethis summer. The project is a $1.5m remake of 1975 British horror film The House On StrawHill.

Bob Keen, who has worked asa crewmember on Hellraiserand Dog Soldiers, will direct. Jonathan Sothcott and Constantine de Naray will produce.

Martin Kemp will star as afilm director who has a nervous breakdown when he witnesses the murder of hisbest friend and producer. He tries to recover at a country retreat but his pastand the house come to haunt him.

The 1975 original, alsotitled Expose in the UK, was banned for more than 20 years. Its directorJames Kenelm Clarke serves as an executive produceron the remake.

"I don't think there is much point in remakinggreat films, but Straw Hill was always interesting rather than good,"said producer Jonathan Sothcott. "The central idea isa strong one and I hope nobody will judge us by previous genre remakes - thisis very much a total reinterpretation of a story, much as Hammer did with theUniversal films in the fifties and sixties. I also think it is important thatwe have the approval of the original film-makers, and James has been veryheavily involved. Also, the original film's star Linda Hayden will have an importantsupporting role in this version."

The film will shoot for fourweeks on location in Norfolk this summer. Additional casting will be announcedsoon.