(CTB Film Company, Tartan Films) Prods: Sergey Selyanov, Hamish McAlpine. Dir: Alexei Balabanov. Cast: Michael Biehn. Shooting in New York and Siberia.
Contact Camilla Summers/David Freed, Tartan Films, (44) 207 494 1400

(Tartan Films) Dir: Meloni Poole
Contact Camilla Summers, Tartan Films, (44) 207 494 1400

(Black Eagle Productions) Prod: George Pavlou. Dir: Terry Winsor. Line prod: Paul Tivers. Production secretary: Audra Woodburn.
Contact: Pinewood Studios, (44) 1753 651 700

(Warner Bros) Dir: Tim Burton.
Contact: Pinewood Studios, (44) 1932 562 611

(Theta Films [South Africa], Samson Films [Eire]) Budget: $6m. Backer/int'l sales: Vine International. Romantic comedy. What do you do if the man you love isn't the man you want' Exec prods: Christopher Theo, Costa John Theo, Costa Theo. Prods: Joy Mellins, Dave Shanks, Dir: Aisling Walsh. Scr: Clive King. Shooting from August/September 2004.
Contact: Joy Mellins, (44) 207 240 3464

(Impact Pictures) Budget: $30m. Backers: Constantin Film (Ger). Action/adventure. Based on Tecmo's best-selling video game franchise. Exec prod: Robert Kulzer. Prods: Jeremy Bolt, Paul WS Anderson. Dir: Corey Yuen. Scr: JF Lawton.
Contact: Impact Pictures, (44) 20 7636 7716

(Impact Pictures) Budget: $40m. Backers: Constantin Film (Ger). Action. Based on Atari/Infogrames' best-selling video game franchise. Exec prod: Robert Kulzer. Prods: Jeremy Bolt, Paul WS Anderson. Scr: James DeMonaco, James Roday, Todd Harthan.
Contact: Impact Pictures, (44) 20 7636 7716

(Film & Music Entertainment, Peter Rommell Productions [Ger]) Thriller. Prods: Sam Taylor, Mike Downey, Peter Rommell. Dir: Phillip Stolzl, Scr: Peter Milligan. Shooting from late Autumn 2004.
Contact: Sam Lavender 44 20 7636 9292.

(Tartan Films, Muse Productions) Based on the novel by Jennifer Belle. Prods: Hamish McAlpine, Chris Hanley. Scr: Roberta Hanley.
Contact: Camilla Summers, Tartan Films, (44) 20 7494 1400

(Film & Music Entertainment, Sintra S.R.L. [It], Mate Productions [Sp]) Drama. Prods: Mike Downey, Sam Taylor, Rosanna Seregni, Mate Cantero. Dir: Miguel Alcantud Scr: Martin Casariego, Salvatore De Mola, Fiorenzo Senese, Steve Attridge. Shooting autumn 2004.
Contact: Zorana Piggott, (44) 20 7636 9292.

(Guns Money Films) Int'l sales: Beyond Films. UK dist: Momentum Pictures. Heist/comedy. Prod: Phillip Emanuel. Dir: Nadia Tass. Scr: Patrick Edgeworth. Cast: Vinnie Jones. Shooting in Cornwall and London.
Contact: Beyond Films, (44) 20 7636 9613

(Film & Music Entertainment, Allegrofilm Productions [Austria], Samsa Film [Lux], T+C Film [Switz]) Drama. Prods: Mike Downey, Sam Taylor, Helmut Grasser, Claude Waringo, Marcel Hoehn, Dir: Simon Aeby. Scr: Susanne Freund and Steve Attridge. Shooting late autumn 2004.
Contact: Zorana Piggott, (44) 20 7636 9292

(Film & Music Entertainment, Tartan Film) Serial killer feature. Prods: Mike Downey, Sam Taylor, Hamish McAlpine. based on the novel by James Ellroy. Shooting from winter 2004.
Contact: Camilla Summers, Tartan Films, (44) 207 494 1400/Sam Lavender, Film & Music Entertainment, (44) 207 636 9292

(Firstsight Films) Int'l sales: Classic Media. Dist (UK): Entertainment Film Distributors. Live action based on Eric Knight's best-selling 1938 novel Lassie Come Home. Exec prods: Douglas Schwalbe, Eric Ellenbogen. Prods: Francesca Barra, Selwyn Roberts. Dir/scr: Charles Sturridge. Shooting from September in the UK.
Contact: Classic Media, (1) 212 659 3011

(Film & Music Entertainment, Twenty Twenty Vision [Ger], Pandora Film [Ger], Victories Productions [Fr], Vviss Co [Rus], Slovo [Rus]) Drama. Prods: Mike Downey, Sam Taylor, Sergey Melkumov, Thanassis Karathanos, Claudie Ossard, Rusht Rushtov, Karl Baumgartner. Dir: Bakhtiar Khudoynazarov. Scr: Oleg Antonov, Bakthiar Khudoynazarov. Shooting July 2004.
Contact: Zorana Piggott (44) 20 7636 9292

(Tartan Films, Muse Productions) Based on the novel by Martin Amis. Prods: Hamish McAlpine, Chris Hanley. Scr: Roberta Hanley, Martin Amis.
Contact: Camilla Summers, Tartan Films, (44) 20 7494 1400

(Axiom Films [UK]) Co-prods: Capablanca (Arg), ABS Productions (Sp). Budget: Euros 4m. Int'l sales: Axiom Films UK. Dist: Axiom Films UK. Drama. A small plane touches down on a desolate runway somewhere in the high plateaus of the Andes. Pedro (Leonardo Sbaraglia), a Spaniard acting as a courier for the drug barons, disembarks carrying a black leather briefcase. He wears a typical priest's cassock and a silver cross hangs from his neck. This is his last deal, and a final chance to leave behind the life of a petty criminal. His task is simple: to exchange his case full of money for a bag containing a few kilos of pure cocaine. Nevertheless, destiny has laid other plans for him' Language: Spanish. Exec prod: Robert Duvall. Prod: Douglas Cummins. Dir: Miguel Pereira. Scr: Christopher Hampton. DoP: Xavi Giminez. Ed:George Akers. Prod des: Carmen Cornejo. Costume des: Beatriz Di Benedetto. Hair/make-up: Marissa Amenta. Cast: Leonardo Sbaraglia.
Contact: Douglas Cummins, Axiom Films, (44) 207 287 7720

(Tartan Films, Vestry Films) Prods: Hamish McAlpine, Richard Jobson. Dir/scr: Anthony Neilson.
Contact: Camilla Summers, Tartan Films, (44) 20 7494 1400

(RP Productions, Runteam [UK], Medusa [It]) Dist: Pathe (UK, Fr), Medusa (It), Tobis (Ger) An adaptation of the Dickens novel. Prods: Roman Polanski, Robert Benmussa, Alain Sarde. Dir: Roman Polanski. Scr: Ronald Harwood. Shooting from June in Prague.
Contact: Summit Entertainment, (1) 310 309 8400

(Sandcastle 5, Capitol Films) Backers: Capitol Films, VIP (Ger). Dist: Sony Classics (US). Medusa (Italy), Scanbox (Scandinavia). New York-set thriller based in the art world. Prods: David Levy, Josh Astrachan, Robert Altman. Dir: Robert Altman. Scr: Jeffrey Lewis. Cast: Salma Hayek, James Franco.
Contact: Capitol Films, (44) 207 471 6000

(Zephyr Films) Prods: Thom Mount, Bill Sadleir, Chris Curling. Dir: Adrian Noble. Scr: Denne Bart Petit-Clerc. Cast: Anthony Hopkins, Meg Ryan. Shooting from June 2004.
Contact: Zephyr Films, (44) 207 255 3555

(Koninck Studios, Lumen Films [Fr], Mediopolis [Ger]) Budget: Euros 3.m. Backers: ARTE France/Germany, Berlin Brandenburg, mdm, UK Film Council, Drefa Gmbh Int'l sales: Celluloid Dreams. The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes is a mystery story and a dark, fantastic fairytale. A beautiful opera singer is abducted by a demon doctor and taken to his secluded villa, where he plans to transform her into a mechanical nightingale. An innocent piano tuner attempts to rescue her, only to become trapped himself in the web of the demon doctor's perverse universe. Exec prod: Terry Gilliam. Prods: Keith Griffiths, Alexander Ris, Hengameh Panahi. Dirs: Brothers Quay. Scr: Brothers Quay, Alan Passes. DoP: Nic Knowland. Shooting in Leipzig from June 7th.
Contact: Keith Griffiths, Illuminations Films / Koninck, (44) 207 288 8422

(Aesop Entertainment) Romantic drama. A story of forbidden love set against the turmoil of the 1940's German occupation of the British Channel Islands. Prods: Antony J. Bowman, Michael Kasher. Dir: Antony J. Bowman. Scr: Antony J. Bowman. Line prod: Simon Hardy. Prod des: Iain Andrews. Music: Helene Muddiman. Casting dir: Dan Hubbard. Cast: Janet McTeer. Shooting from July/August 2004.

(Audience Films, APMS Productions) Exec prod/int'l sales: Arclight Films. Budget: £2.5m. Family drama. An English girl and her mother share a rite of passage amid the dynamic and passionate world of modern Flamenco. Prods: Paul Sarony, Terence Daw. Dir/scr: Terence Daw. Shooting: 2004 in the UK.
Contact: Audience Films, (44) 1245 493 350

(Contagious Films, Mirage Enterprises [US/UK]) Int'l sales: Icon. Dark comedy. Prods: David Barron, Anthony Minghella. Dir: Paul Weiland. Co-prod: Stevie Lee. Scr: Peter Straughan.
Contact: Contagious Films, (44) 20 7287 9875

(Aardman Features) Backer: DreamWorks SKG (US). Animated comedy drama. Exec prods: Peter Lord, David Sproxton, Michael Rose. Dir: Richard Goleszowski. Scr: Rob Sprackling, John Smith.
Contact: Aardman Features, (44) 1454 859 000

(Merchant Ivory Productions, Mikado [UK/It]) Budget: $17.5m. Int'l sales: Merchant Ivory Productions. Exec prods: Roberto Cicutto. Prods: Ismail Merchant & Paul Bradley. Dir: James Ivory. Scr: Kazuo Ishiguro. Cast: Ralph Fiennes, Natasha Richardson, Vanessa Redgrave. Shooting from autumn 2004 in China and Italy.
Contact Paul Bradley, (44) 20 7437 1200


(C/W Productions) Backers: VIP (Ger), Capitol Films. Dist: Paramount Pictures (US), Pathe (UK), Gaga (Japan), Filmax (Spain), Scanbox (Scandinavia), CRC (Italy). Drama. Passion and ambition drive two dreamers in 1930s Los Angeles. Their love affair is ferocious and hot-blooded as they fight both the city and themselves to make their dreams come true. Prods: Paula Wagner, Tom Cruise, Jonas McCord. Dir/scr: Robert Towne. Cast: Colin Farrell, Salma Hayek.
Contact: Capitol Films, (44) 207 471 6000

(Warner Bros) Explores the superhero's origins as a New York vigilante. Exec prods: Ben Melniker, Michael Uslan. Prods: Emma Thomas, Charles Roven, Larry Franco. Dir: Christopher Nolan. Scr: Nolan, David Goyer. Unit prod man: Nigel Gostelow. Cast: Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Katie Holmes, Liam Neeson, Morgan Freeman, Ken Watanabe. Shooting in Iceland, London and Chicago.
Contact: Shepperton Studios, (44) 1932 562 611

(Renga Media, Sci-Fi Channel Europe) Backer: Sci-Fi Channel Europe. Anime heavy metal horror sequel. The return of Lady Violator, Extricator, Decimator and Hellkatt and Dominator himself. Exec prods: Jim Brathwaite, Doug Bradley. Prod: Brathwaite. Dir: Tony Luke. Scr: Alan Grant. Main cast: Dani Filth, Bradley, Ingrid Pitt, Liza Goddard, Mark Radcliffe, Marc Riley. In production until September 2004.
Contact: Renga Media, (44) 1273 328 658

(Milkshake Films, Icon Entertainment, Revolution Films) Dist (UK, Aus): Icon. Int'l sales: Icon. The first film in a trilogy that follows a Latino soccer player as he moves to the UK to play for one of the territory's top-flight Premiership teams. Exec prod: Lawrence Bender. Prods: Mike Jefferies, Matt Barrelle, Bruce Davey, Andrew Eaton. Co-prod: Paul Tucker. Assoc prod: Anita Overland. Dir: Michael Winterbottom. Scr: Don McPherson. Cast: Diego Luna, Stellan Skarsgard, James Nesbitt. Shooting from April at Shepperton Studios and in the UK.
Contact: Freud Communications, (44) 207 580 2626

(Heyday Films, Warner Bros Pictures [US]) Fourth instalment in the franchise. Dir: Mike Newell. Scr: Steve Kloves. Cast: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint. Shooting at Leavesden Studios and around the UK.
Contact: Leavesden Studios, (44) 1923 685 060

(Reguard [Syria], Hannaywood Studios) Budget: $3.5m. Backers: Reguard, Hannaywood Studios. Contemporary thriller. The Hunt Feast charts the final months of a once high-ranking officer of the fallen Iraqi regime, culminating in his own downfall at the hands of the least likely of sources. Having detached himself from the fallen regime with several million American dollars earmarked for a campaign of insurgency, Majid lies low in the mountains of Lebanon. In his attempt to evade the wrath of Col. Jabber and his heavies who want 'their' money back, Majid embarks on a series of cloak and dagger missions whilst planning his ultimate escape from Beirut to the West. However, he drops his guard when a seemingly hapless group of tourists descend upon his peaceful mountain retreat, and Samia's charms distort his judgement. His past ultimately catches up with him when Samia's autistic son shoots Majid - the man who under a ruthless regime murdered the boy's father. Exec prods: Zuher Harba, Das Abra. Prod: Marwan Akkawi. Dir: Nabil Maleh. Scr: Nabil Maleh, Alexander Robertson. DoP: Simon Dennis. Hair/make-up: Polly Duncan. Cast: Simon Dutton, Laila Rouass, Andy Lucas. Shooting from April 12 until May 22 in Syria and Lebanon.
Contact: Ian Rattray, Ian Rattray Films, (44) 20 8296 0555/(44) 7970 842 387/

(Mr Mudd) Backers: First Choice, Isle of Man Film. Int'l sales: Odyssey Entertainment. Dist (UK): Entertainment Film Distributors. Dir: Laurence Dunmore. Exec prods: Chase Bailey, Steve Christian, Marc Samuelson, Peter Samuelson. Prods: Lianne Halfon, John Malkovich, Russ Smith. Scr: Stephen Jeffreys. Line prod: Mairi Bett. Prod manager: Marshall Leviten. Prod co-ord: Sasha Harris. DoP: Alexander Melman. First AD: Max Keene. Prod des: Ben Van Os. Casting dir: Mary Selway. Costume des: Dien van Straalen. Hair & make-up designer: Peter Owen. Sound mixer: John Hayes. Ed: Jill Bilcock. Cast: Johnny Depp, John Malkovich, Samantha Morton, Rosamund Pike, Kelly Reilly, Tom Hollander, Johnny Vegas. Shooting from the end of February for 9 weeks in England, Wales and the Isle of Man.
Contact: Julia Finn, DDA Public Relations, (44) 207 932 9830

(Films Action, bolexbrothers, SPZ, Pathe Pictures) Backers: Pathe Pictures UK Film Council, FR2. Dist: Pathe (UK, Fr, Benelux, CH) Int'l sales: Pathe International. CGI animation. Dougal and his friends have to go on a perilous journey to recover three magical diamonds which will enable them to imprison evil wizard ZeeBadee. Prods: Laurent Rodon, Andy Leighton. Dir: Dave Borthwick. Scr: Paul Bassett Davies, Raoff, Stephane Sanoussi. Main voice cast: Jim Broadbent, Joanna Lumley, Kylie Minogue, Robbie Williams, Ray Winstone. In production from September 2002 until summer 2004 in Bristol and Marseilles.
Contact Patricia Gill, Pathe Distribution, (44) 207 462 4469

(Versatile Film) Budget: Euros 1m. Backer: Versatile Film Partners. Dist: Manga Films (Sp). Psychological thriller. Ninety-eight percent of so called Satanists are merely lost souls who get their thrills out of dancing in churchyards using the devil as an excuse to procure sex. Then there's the other two percent... After a traumatic experience, Jack and Eve move to Southern Spain to start a new life, however, under the surface of the glamour and cosmopolitan lifestyle lies an evil which will turn their lives inside out! Exec prods: Keith Welch, Saki Belitsas, Chris Ouwinga. Prod: Darryn W. Welch. Co-prods: David Mahoney, Tarek Sule, Fabienne Villette. Dir: Darryn W. Welch. Scr: Francis Megahy, Piers Ashworth, Dave Heels, David Mahoney. DoP: Toby Moore. Ed: Claus Wehlisch. Cast: Jason London, David Gant. Shooting from April 12, 2004, until May 10th, 2004
Contact: Darryn W Welch: (34) 902 180 940

(Working Title Films) Backer: Universal Pictures. Dist: UIP (worldwide). Family comedy. Exec prods: Debra Hayward, Liza Chasin. Co-prod: Glynis Murray. Prods: Lindsay Doran, Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner. Dir: Kirk Jones. Scr: Emma Thompson. Line prod: David Brown. DoP: Henry Braham. Ed: Justin Krish. Prod des: Michael Howells. Costume des: Nic Ede. Hair/make-up: Peter King. Sound mixer: Simon Hayes. Cast: Emma Thompson, Colin Firth, Angela Lansbury, Kelly Macdonald, Thomas Sangster. Shooting from 1 April, 2004, until 9 July in the UK.
Contact: Kate Luczyc- Wyhowska, Universal Pictures Int'l, (44) 20 7307 1364/ Stacy Mann, unit publicist, (44) 7768 966 122

(Myriad Pictures [US], Kismet Film Company, Spice Factory, imX Communications [Can]) Backers: Myriad Pictures, Movision, Spice Factory. Supernatural murder mystery about a small town cop who smells foul play while investigating a supposed suicide at an elite prep school. Exec prods: Kirk D'Amico, Joshua Andrews, Peter James, James Simpson. Prods: Michele Camarda, Michael Lionello Cowan, Jason Piette, Chris Zimmer, Marion Pilowsky. Dir: Nick Willing. Scr: David Kane, adapted from from Alice Hoffman's best-selling novel. Cast: Edward Burns, Jennifer Ehle. Shooting in Canada from March, 2004.
Contact: Myriad Pictures, (1) 310 279 4000

(Zephyr Films, Lemming Films, Egoli Tossell) Children's drama. Prods: Joost de Vries, Phil Robertson, Oliver Damian. Dir: Willem van de Sande Bakhuyzen. Shooting from March 2004.
Contact: Zephyr Films, (44) 207 255 3555

(Piccadilly Pictures, Lex Filmed Entertainment) Backers: Piccadilly Pictures, Baker Street, Take Partnerships, the Bank of Ireland, Impact Films, the UK Film Council's New Cinema Fund. Dist (UK): Redbus Film Distribution. Int'l sales: Lakeshore Entertainment. A romantic comedy in which not everyone or everything is as it first appears. Exec prods: Jeremy Bolt, Ivan Mactaggart, Bill Allan. Prod: Tracey Adam. Co-prod: Christopher Figg. Dir: John Hay. Scr: Peter Bloore, William Johnston. Line prod: Richard Johns. DoP: Graham Frake. Ed: David Martin. Production des: Simon Waters. Sound mixer: Graham Ross. Costume des: Mary Jane Reyner. Chief hair & make-up: Roseann Samuels. Cast: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Dougray Scott, Jimi Mistry, Branka Katic, Simon Webbe. Shooting from 11 April, 2004, for six weeks in Bristol and the south west of England.
Contact: Jessica Kirsch, CK Publicity, (44) 20 793 533 37

(ULTRAVI Productions, Screen Gems) Dist (int'l): Columbia Pictures Int'l. Action/horror. Believed to be a myth, something only to be found in horror films, people soon discover that vampires do indeed live among humans. However, these blood-thirsty creatures are not the infallible undead from folklore but living beings with one significant trait that sets them apart from others - infected blood that speeds up their metabolism. With an increased bone density, these Vampires have the ability to move a thousand times faster and be hundred times stronger. To the government's dismay, more of the population is becoming hemophages (vampires), and they have set out to rid the world of what they deem as a menace to society. One rogue vampire is bent on protecting her race - and seeking revenge on those that changed her life forever. With fierce fighting skills and the ability to change and project her image, Violet (Milla Jovovich) sets out to destroy a government-designed time bomb that will kill all hemophages. To Violet's surprise, the deadly device is a nine-year-old boy, who goes by the name Six (Cameron Bright) and was raised in a laboratory. Determined to save the child, Violet wages her own personal war against the other vampires who want the boy dead and the special security forces who need him alive. Drawing upon every power given to her by the virus, she becomes a one-person army, blazing her way through vicious attacks and taking no prisoners. However, Violet soon discovers that Six was created for a larger and much deadlier purpose - a secret government conspiracy that threatens to not only exterminate Violet and her people but all of mankind. Executive prods: Tony Mark, Charles Wang, Sue Jett. Prod: John Baldecchi. Dir/scr: Kurt Wimmer. DoP: Arthur Wong. Ed: Willliam Yeh. Prod des: James Choo. Supervising art dir: Bernardo Trujillo. Costume des: Joseph Porro. Casting dir: Kim Davis, Justine Baddeley, Madalena Chan. Stunt co-ord: Mike Smith. Cast: Milla Jovovich, William Fichtner, Cameron Bright, Nick Chinlund, Sebastien Andrieu. Shooting from Feb 9, 2004, until June 16 in Hong Kong and Shanghai.
Contact: Moira Houlihan, unit publicist: (852) 918 003 98 (Hong Kong cell); 44 7770 363 753 (UK cell); 852 2337 1969 (Production office); (862) 156 659 090 (Shanghai production office)

(Aardman Features) Backer: DreamWorks SKG (US). Animated comedy drama starring Wallace and Gromit. Exec prods: Peter Lord, David Sproxton, Michael Rose. Prod: Carla Shelley. Dirs: Nick Park, Steve Box. Scr: Park, Box, Bob Baker.
Contact: Aardman Features, (44) 1454 859 000

(Baker Street, Odd Lot Entertainment [US]) Budget: $5.5m. Int'l sales: Senator International. After being expelled unfairly from Harvard just short of his graduation, American Matt Buckner (Elijah Wood) travels to England to take refuge with his married sister (Claire Forlani). Buckner quickly falls in love with the game of soccer and in particular, West Ham United. He's introduced to the sport through his brother-in-law, Pete Dunham (Charlie Hunnam), and Pete's close group of friends. Buckner witnesses the rivalries that exist between English soccer clubs and is enlightened to the passion, loyalty and friendship that can be found within a tight-knit group of British males. Exec prods: Bill Allen, Lexi Alexander. Prods: Gigi Pritzker, Deborah Del Prete, Donald Zuckerman. Dir: Lexi Alexander. Scr: Josh Shelov, Dougie Brimson, Lexi Alexander. DoP: Alex Buono. Des: Tom Brown. Costume des: John Krausa. Hair/make-up des: Lesley Lamont-Fisher. Ed: Paul Trejo. Stunt co-ord: Pat Johnson. 2nd unit dir: Matt Jensen. Line prod: Kevan Van Thompson. Prod man: Ingrid Litman. Sound mixer: Les Honess. Cast: Elijah Wood, Charlie Hunnam, Claire Forlani, Marc Warren, Leo Gregory, Henry Goodman, Geoff Bell, Rafe Spall, Kieran Bew, Ross McCall, Francis Pope, Christopher Hehir. Shooting until May 1, 2004.
Contact: Ceris Price, unit publicist (44) 7879 638 557


(Intermedia) Co-prod: Pathe (Fr). Int'l sales: Intermedia. US dist: Warner Bros. Story of a relentless conqueror who by the age of 32 had amassed the greatest empire the world had ever seen. Prods: Thomas Schuehly, Moritz Borman, Jon Kilik, Iain Smith. Cast: Colin Farrell, Anthony Hopkins, Angelina Jolie.
Contact: Intermedia, (1) 310 777 0007

(Paramount Pictures) Alfie remake. Dir: Charles Shyer. Scr: Shyer, Elaine Pope. Cast: Jude Law.
Contact: Pinewood Studios, (44) 1753 651 700

(Seven Arts Signature International) Dist (US): Paramount Classics. Dark romance. A forensic psychiatrist's wife embarks on a passionate but doom-laden affair with a mad but charismatic artist. Exec prods: Woodfall Films, Peter Hoffman, Michael Barlow, Robert Rehme, Chris Curling. Prods: Mace Neufeld, Laurie Borg. Co-prod: David Collins. Dir: David Mackenzie. Scr: Patrick Marber. Prod des: Laurence Dorman. DoP: Giles Nuttgens. First AD: Peter Agnew. Costume des: Consolata Boyle. Sound: Brendan Deasy. Ed: Colin Monie. Make-up/hair: Aileen Seaton. Casting dir: Priscilla John. Cast: Natasha Richardson, Marton Csokas, Ian McKellen, Hugh Bonneville, Joss Ackland, Sean Harris, Judy Parfitt, Maria Aitken. Shot from Aug 18, 2003, for 9 weeks in Leeds and Dublin.
Contact: M+R, (44) 207 637 2600

(Serendipity Point Films [US]) Backer: First Choice. Int'l sales: Myriad Pictures (US). Set in the glittering London theatre world. Dir: Istvan Szabo. Scr: Ronald Harwood. Main cast: Annette Bening, Jeremy Irons. Shot from June, 2003.
Contact: Myriad Pictures, (1) 310 279 4000

(Archer Street (Beyond The Sea) Ltd, Quality International [Ger]) Prods: Andy Paterson, Jan Fantl, Kevin Spacey, Arthur Friedman. Dir: Kevin Spacey. Cast: Kevin Spacey, Kate Bosworth, John Goodman, Bob Hoskins, Brenda Blethyn, Greta Scacchi, Caroline Aaron, Peter Cincotti, William Ulrich. Shot in Berlin from Nov 10.
Contact: Archer Street, (44) 20 7534 1689

BIG SKY (working title)
(Shake the Tree Productions) Budget: £109,920.Psychological thriller. After the death of her husband, an American woman is thrown together with her British sister-in-law in this psychological thriller. Prod/dir/scr: Alan Miller. DoP: Julian Wheeler.Ed: Alan Miller. Sound: Keith Friday. Make-up/hair: Mamae Colditz.Cast: Jackie Sawiris, Joceline Brooke-Hamilton, Adrian Bouchet, Nell Cumiskey Wright, Martin Lester. Shot from Aug 11, 2003, until Aug 29 in north Norfolk.
Contact: Shake the Tree Productions, (44) 1263 768203

(Armac Films Limited) Budget: $845,000. Backers: Scottish Screen, BBC. UK dist: Armac Films Distribution. Feature-length documentary. Exec prods: Steve McIntyre, Catherine G Woodford. Prod: Desmond Wilcox. Scr: Wilcox, Alex McCall. Dir: McCall. Narr: Dougray Scott.
Contact: Phil Symes, (44) 20 7323 1200/Alex McCall, (44) 141 337 2322

(Pathe Pictures, Bride Productions, Inside Track) Backers: Pathe Pictures, Ingenious, UK Film Council; Dist: Pathe (UK, Fr, Benelux, CH); Miramax Films (North/South America, Australia, New Zealand). int'l sales: Pathe International. Musical. A Bollywood-style retelling of the Jane Austen classic. Prods: Gurinder Chadha, Deepak Nayar. Dir: Chadha. Scr: Paul Mayeda Berges. DoP: Santosh Sivan. Ed: Justin Krish. Prod des: Nick Ellis. Costume des: Ralph Holes. Indian costume consultant: Savinder K Mahil. Hair des: Dar Singh. Make-up des: Pat Hay. Main cast: Martin Henderson, Aishwarya Rai, Daniel Gillies, Naveen Andrews, Namrata Shirodkar. Shot from July 14, 2003, until Nov 18 in Ealing Studios, Amritsar Mumbai, Goa and Los Angeles.
Contact: Pathe Pictures, (44) 207 323 5151

(Working Title Films) Backer: Universal Studios (US). Dist: Universal Pictures (int'l), Miramax Films (US). Romantic comedy based on Helen Fielding's book of the same name. Exec prods: Debra Hayward, Liza Chasin. Prods: Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, Jonathan Cavendish. Dir: Beeban Kidron. Scr: Andrew Davies, Helen Fielding, Adam Brooks, Richard Curtis. Line prod: Bernie Bellew. DoP: Adrian Biddle. Ed: Greg Hayden. Prod des: Gemma Jackson. Costume des: Jany Temime. Hair/make-up: Graham Johnston. Sound mixer: Simon Hayes. Cast: Renee Zellweger, Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Jim Broadbent, Gemma Jones, Jacinda Barrett, Shirley Henderson, Sally Phillips, James Callis, Jessica Stephenson, Celia Imrie, Neil Pearson. Shot from Oct 12, 2003, until Feb 1, 2004, in the UK, Thailand and Austria.
Contact: Stacy Mann, unit publicist, (44) 7768 966 122

(Marloo Media) Backer: UK Films. Int'l sales: Lightning Entertainment (US). Drama. Prod: Margit Bimler. Dir: Polly Steele. Scr: Sofian James. Main cast: Valentina Cervi, Ciaran McMenamin, Bill Armstrong, James Purefoy.
Contact: Andrew Warren, (44) 20 7053 2140

(Pembridge Pictures, Davis Films [Fr], Kanzaman [Sp], Spice Factory, Movision, Scion Film Financing) Dist: Kanzaman (Sp), Metropolitan Film Export (Fr). Int'l sales: Senator International. Exec prods: Peter James, James Simpson, Jeff Abberley, Craig Darian, Howard Kanzanjian. Prods: Michael Lionello Cowan, Samuel Hadida, Garrett McGuckian, Mary McGuckian, Denise O'Dell. Dir/scr: Mary McGuckian. Main cast: Robert DeNiro, F Murray Abraham, Kathy Bates, Gabriel Bryne, Geraldine Chaplin, Emilie Dequenne.
Contact: Conor Nolan, unit publicity, (44) 20 8673 0048

(Dimension Films, MGM, Mosaic Media Group, Reforma Films) Action adventure. Exec prod: John D Schofield. Prods: Charles Roven, Daniel Bobker. Dir: Terry Gilliam. Scr: Ehren Krueger, Tony Grisoni, Gilliam. DoP: Nicola Pecorini. Prod des: Guy Hendrix Dyas. Costume des: Gabriella Pescucci. Hair/make-up: Vera Mitchell Chrissie Beveridge. Sound: Ivan Sharrock. Casting dirs: Irene Lamb (UK), Jessica Horvathova (Cz). Ed: Lesley Walker. Main cast: Matt Damon, Heath Ledger, Lena Headey, Peter Stormare, Jonathan Pryce. Shot from June 30, 2003, for 17 weeks at Barrendov Studios, Czech Republic.
Contact: Julia Finn, DDA London, (44) 20 7534 6000

(Samsa [Lux], Ipso Facto Films [UK], Reverse Angle Factory [Ger], Dor Films [Aust]). Budget: EUROS 6.7m. Backers: Film Fund Luxembourg, Great British Films, Filmforderung Baden-Wurttenberg (MFG), Filmstiftung Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW), Osterreiche Filminstitut. Int'l sales: Samsa Distribution, Moviehouse Entertainment. Drama. A beautiful, tragic love story set in a circus at the turn of the century. A tale of dreams, trapeze and unrequited love. Prods: Jani Thilges, Christine Alderson, Ute Schneider, Danny Krausz. Dir: Robinson Savary. Scr: Patrick Faure, Robinson Savary, Arif Ali Shah. DoP: Christophe Beaucarne. Ed: Claire Ferguson. Costume des: Hazel Pethig. Production des: Wilbert Van Dorp. Cast: Derek Jacobi, Isabello Miko, Jodhi May, James Thierree. Shot from Oct 25, 2003, until Dec 30 in Luxembourg and Germany.
Contact: Christine Alderson, (44) 191 230 2585

(Pathe Pictures, Little Bird, Inside Track) Backers: Pathe Pictures, Ingenious, Sky Movies, UK Film Council, Isle of Man Film and Television Fund. Dist: Pathe (UK, Fr, Benelux, CH); Int'l sales: Pathe International. Comedy. Prods: Jonathan Cavendish, Ben Swaffer. Dir: Peter Richardson. Scr: Richardson, Pete Richens. Main cast: Christian Slater, Neve Campbell, Anthony Sher, Miranda Richardson, Vic Reeves, Bob Mortimer, Leslie Phillips.
Contact Patricia Gill, Pathe Distribution, (44) 207 462 4469

(Icarus, Avenue Pictures, Columbia Pictures) Int'l sales: Sony Pictures Entertainment. Adaptation of the award winning play by Patrick Marber. Exec prods: Celia Costas, Scott Rudin, Robert Fox, Duncan Reid. Prods: John Calley, Cary Brokaw. Dir: Mike Nichols. Scr: Patrick Marber. Co-prod/first AD: Mike Haley. Assoc prod/script supervisor: Mary Bailey. DoP: Stephen Goldblatt. UPM: Rachel Neale. Prod co-ord: Francesca Castellano. Prod des: Tim Hatley. Costume des: Ann Roth. Make-up/hair: Linda de Vetta. Editor: John Bloom. Sound mixer: Ivan Sharrock. Cast: Julia Roberts, Jude Law, Natalie Portman, Clive Owen. Shot from Jan 19, 2004, on location for nine weeks in London and at Elstree Studios.
Contact: Elstree Studios, (44) 324 2221

(Global Films, mnemonics studios, EdgeImageBank) Budget: £632,000. Backers: Barclays Bank, Global Films. Int'l sales: Global Films. Psychological Thriller based on a documentary. Exec prod: Laurent Mercier. Prods: Tom Norwood, Nick Peterson. Dir: Nick Peterson. Scr: Nicolas Gaud. Ed: Tom Norwood. Music: Virtual Alien. Costumes: Laurent Mercier. Hair and make-up: Anita C. Animations and graphics: EdgeImageBank. Cast: Dolly di Rosso, Rowland Ekperi, Paul Sere, Virtual Alien. Shot from Oct 18 until Oct 19, 2003, at Brixton Town Hall in London, Nov 18 until Nov 28 at Westferry Studios, Canary Wharf, London, and Dec 5-9 in New York.
Contact: Nick Peterson, Global Films (44) 207 537 4882

(Cold Films) Backers: Paradigm Hyde Films, Future Film Group, the South West Film Studios. Int'l sales: Beyond Films. Supernatural horror. Detective Sergeant John Dark is a good cop, working the tough beat of vice. His long-time mentor is the charismatic Detective Chief Inspector Mortimer Shade. He has taught Dark every trick in the book. But sometimes the fight is not just against the bad guys; sometimes it is against their own, when police bureaucracy gets in the way of good coppers bending the rules. Exec prod: Michael Gebauer. Prod/scr: Joanne Reay. Dir: Andrew Goth. Cast: Luke Goss, Kevin Howarth, Carly Turnbull, Matt Lucas, David Gant. Shot from Nov 18, 2003, for five weeks at the South West Film Studios, and on location in Cornwall.
Contact: Beyond Films, (44) 20 7636 9613

(Studio Hamburg International Production) Backer: FilmFoerderung Hamburg. Budget: Euros 8.5m. Satirical comedy. The true story of a man in London who pretended to be the legendary filmmaker Stanley Kubrick during the shoot of Eyes Wide Shut, thereby financing a lavish lifestyle for himself. Exec prods: Stuart Pollok, Sytze van der Laan. Prod: Michael Fitzgerald. Dir: Brian Cook. Scr: Anthony Frewin. Cast: John Malkovich. Shooting in London, Hamburg, Bremen and Amsterdam.
Contact: Studio Hamburg International Production, (1) 323 525 0023

(Global Films) A trilogy of films based on The Kelvin TV game-show where the contestants are being psychoanalysed. The features combine live footage, graphics and animations. Prod: Tom Norwood. Dir/scr: Nick Peterson. Cast: Dolly di Rosso, Paul Sere, James Waterhouse, Jimmy Ryland, Stewart Timings. Set for delivery in June.
Contact: Nick Peterson, Global Films, (44) 207 537 4882

(Dan Films, Zero West [Ger]) Backers: UK Film Council's Premiere Fund, Filmstiftung Nordrhein-Westfalia (NRW). Int'l sales: Capitol Films. Dist: Pathe (UK), X-Filme (Ger). Horror film set in subterranean London. London, midnight, on a cold evening. Unable to find a taxi, Kate (Franka Potente) heads for the Underground. She takes a seat away from the crowd of late-night revelers and waits for the last train. Before long she drifts off to sleep... and wakes to find everyone gone. She momentarily panics until another train pulls in. She boards, unnerved that she's the only passenger, but relieved at last to be on her way. Halfway through the tunnel the train jerks to a violent halt. The lights shut off and the train is plunged into darkness. Kate screams... she is trapped, in the dark... and she is not alone... her nightmare has only just begun. Prod: Julie Baines, Jason Newmark. Dir/scr: Chris Smith. Prod des: John Frankish. DoP: Daniel Cohen. Cast: Franka Potente, Vas Blackwood, Sean Harris. Shot from Oct 20, 2003, in London and Cologne.
Contact: Capitol Films, (44) 207 471 6000

(Orange Pictures, IMF [Ger], Franchise Pictures, SE8 Group) Int'l sales: Franchise Pictures. Black comedy thriller. A twisting tale of mistaken identities, double-crosses, merciless killers and unrequited love. Based on a story by Charley Stadler and Thomas Geiger. Exec prod: Douglas Urbanski. Prods: Dan Maag, Philip Schulz-Deyle, Elie Samaha, Matthias Deyle. Line prod: Robert How. Dir: Charley Stadler. Scr: Adam Kreutner, Dave Mitchell. DoP: Fraser Taggart. Prod des: Jean Vincent Puzos. First AD: Matthew Penry-Davey. Casting dir: Jeremy Zimmermann. Costumes: Vin Burnham. Make-up: Trefor Proud. Sound recordist:John Rodda. Ed: Geoff Payne. Cast: Gary Oldman, Robert Carlyle, Elena Anaya, Andrew Lee Potts, Jimi Mistry, Billy Zane, Karel Roden. Shot from Oct 10, 2003, on location in London.
Contact: Franchise Pictures.

(Raphael Films [Fr], Psychology News [UK], Cinetelefilms [Tunis]) Backers: Raphael Films, Groupe AB, Baker Street, The Film Consortium, UK Film Council. Int'l sales: The Works. Dist: Spentzos Film (Gr). Thriller. Alex Randall, a young reporter with far more bravado than experience, arrives in the war-torn city to cover the deadly double bombing of America's US Marine barracks and France's paratroopers' base. In the mayhem, he meets Julia Muller, a beautiful, enigmatic photographer. Exec prods: Emma Hayter, Bill Allan, Aline Perry, Chris Auty. Prods: Ludi Boeken, Eric Dussart. Dirs: Boeken, Michael Alan Lerner. Scr: Michael Alan Lerner. Music: Justin Adams. DoP: Ivan Strasburg. Ed: Suzanne Fenn. Prod des: Taoufik Behi. Costume des: Magdalena Garcia Caniz. Sound: Faouzi Thabet, Hugh Johnson. Main cast: Stephen Moyer, Anne Parillaud, Omid Djalili, Georges Siatidis.
Contact: The Works, (44) 20 7612 1080

(Pathe Pictures, Free Range Films, Inside Track) Backers: Pathe Pictures, FilmFour, Ingenious, UK Film Council. Dist: Pathe(UK, Fr, Benelux, CH) Int'l sales: Pathe International . Psychological thriller, based on the novel Enduring Love by Ian McEwan. Prod: Kevin Loader. Dir: Roger Michell. Scr: Joe Penhall. DoP: Harris Zambarloukas. Ed: Nic Gaster. Prod des: JP Kelly. Costume des: Natalie Ward. Hair/make-up: Konnie Daniels. Cast: Daniel Craig, Rhys Ifans, Samantha Morton. Shot from Sept 15, 2003, until Nov 21, 2003, in The Chilterns and on location in London.
Contact: M+R, (44) 20 7637 2600

(Faking It Productions, Kleparski & Bee, Janes Films) Comedy crime adventure. Prods: Claire Bee. Dir: Richard Janes. Scr: Paul Gerstenberger. Main cast: Matthew Rhys, Kate Ashfield, Tony Haygarth, Art Malik.
Contact: Phil Symes, (44) 20 7323 1200

(Entertainment Film Distributors, Artists Independent Network) Dist (UK): Entertainment Film Distributors. Adapted from the highly successful VIZ comic strip, Fat Slags follows the rise and fall of two eponymous heroines who are unrepentantly vulgar and crass. Obsessed with shagging and drinking, whilst harboring the desire to become famous celebrities, Sandra and Tracey leave their hometown in the north of England in search of fame and fortune in London. Exec prods: Nigel Green, John Brown. Prods: Luc Roeg, Charles Finch. Dir: Ed Bye. Scr: William Osborne. Line prod: Richard Johns. Prod exec: Clea Tammes. Prod co-ord: Victoria Lorkin-Lange. Prod des: Grenville Horner. DoP: John Sorapure. First AD: Joe Geary. Casting dir: Daniel Hubbard. Script Supervisor: Danuta Skarszewska. Costume des: Linda Alderson. Ed: Mark Wybourne. Make-up/hair: Joan Hills. Loc man: Ben Greenacre. Sound: Alistair Widgery. Accountant: Terry Connors. Music supervisor: Dan Rose. Post production supervisor: Emma Zee. Cast: Fiona Allen, Sophie Thompson, Jerry O'Connell, Anthony Head, Geri Halliwell.
Contact: Julia Finn/Nicole Gregory, DDA London, (44) 20 7534 6000

(Ace Film, Northern film) Urban fairy tale. A statue comes alive and chaos ensues. Set in the heart of Liverpool night life, a story about love, and an unobtainable kiss. Exec prods: Harry Fogg, Abi Franz. Prod: Joe Scott. Dir: Lesley Manning. Scr: Nicola Scott. DoP: Rory Taylor. Prod des: Humphrey Jaeger. Ed: Chris Swanson. Composer: Andy Stevenson. Hair/make-up: Sjaan Gillings. Cast: Brendan Makay, Katrine de Canole, Michael Angelis, Lee Boardman, Craig Charles, Kate Robbins, Nicola Scott. Shooting Feb until April 5, 2003.
Contact: Ace Film, (44) 151 706 0135

(Magic Media Inc [Hung], EuroArts [Ger] Renegade Films [UK]) Budget: Eu10m. Backers: Hungarian Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Hungarian Motion Picture Foundation, MDR (Ger), MDM (Ger), MFG (Ger), Ingenious Films (UK). Follows the extraordinary story of Gyorgy Koves, a Jewish boy from Budapest, who finds himself increasingly alone as the terrible events of World War II unfold around him. His father is sent off to a labour camp, and Gyorgy himself volunteers to go to a camp in Germany, convinced that his life will be safer there. At the concentration camp, Gyorgy conforms and survives, taking the realities of camp life for granted, and treating it as an everyday existence not unlike any other. Gyorgy finds that even among the cruelties of camp life, there are genuine moments of happiness. Prods: Peter Barbalics, Csaba Toro, Jonathan Olsberg, Ildiko Kemeny. Dir: Lajos Koltai. Scr: Imre Kertesz, from his own Nobel prize winning novel. Composer: Ennio Morricone. DoP: Gyula Pados. Shot from Dec 15 for 11 weeks on location in Hungary and Germany.
Contact: Charles McDonald, M+R, (44) 207 637 2600

(Capitol Films/Endgame/Jim Henson Pictures) Int'l sales: Capitol Films. An action-packed summer adventure that blends magic, fun and perilous exploits and proves that the power of wishes is not as strong as the power of family. From the author of The Railway Children. Prods: Nick Hirschkorn, Lisa Henson. Dir: John Stephenson. Scr: David Solomons. DoP: Mike Brewster. Prod des: Roger Hall. Ed: Colin Green. Sound: Simon Okin. Line prod: Kathy Sykes. Prod man: Emma Mager. Loc man: Clive Miles. Casting: Michelle Guish. Project supervisor: Jamie Courtier. Visual effects supervisor: Mike Turoff. Special effects supervisor: Richard Conway. Stunt co-ord: Lee Sheward. Costume des: Phoebe de Gaye. Make-up/hair: Suzanne Jansen. Main cast: Eddie Izzard, Kenneth Branagh, Zoe Wanamaker, Freddie Highmore, Tara Fitzgerald. Shot from June 30, 2003, for 10 weeks on the Isle of Man and at Shepperton Studios.
Contact: Capitol Films, (44) 207 471 6000

(Meltemi Entertainment [UK], International Arts Entertainment [US], Lighthouse Entertainment [US], Buskin Film [It], KanZaman [Sp]) Backers: Thema Productions [Lux], Magic Hour Film Finance [UK], Matrix Film Finance [UK]. Int'l sales: Beyond Films. Romantic comedy. Adapted from the Oscar Wilde play Lady Windermere's Fan, A Good Woman is a scandalous yet comic story set in New York and the Amalfi Coast during the 1930s. Exec prods: John Evangelides, Mikael Borglund, Hilary Davis, Jimmy DeBrabant, Michael Dounaev, Liam Badger, Duncan Hopper, Rupert Preston. Prods: Alan Greenspan, Jonathan English, Steven Siebert, Howard Himelstein. Dir: Mike Barker. Scr: Howard Himelstein. Ed: Neil Farrell. DoP: Ben Seresin. Prod des: Ben Scott. Costume des: John Bloomfield. Cast: Helen Hunt, Scarlett Johansson, Tom Wilkinson. Shot from Nov 3, 2003, until Dec 20, on the Amalfi Coast and Rome, Italy.
Contact: Beyond Films, (44) 20 7636 9613

(Hitc Productions [UK-Can]) Co-prods: Bertil Ohlsson, Remstar, Dakota, Spice Factory, Tusk, Movision. Int'l sales: Arclight Films. Dist: Manga (Sp), Gaga (Jap), Tobis (Ger), Remstar/Alliance Atlantis (Can), Blue Star (It). Epic romance. Exec prods: Julia Palau, Matthew Payne, Charlize Theron, Julien Remillard. Prods: Bertil Ohlsson, Maxime Remillard, Andre Rouleau, Jonathan Olsberg, Michael L Cowan, Jason Piette. Dir/scr: John Duigan. Main cast: Theron, Penelope Cruz, Stuart Townsend, Thomas Kretschmann, Karine Vanasse.
Contact: Mia Farrell, DDA Los Angeles, (310) 205 4868/Julia Finn, DDA London, (44) 20 7534 6000

(Merchant Ivory Productions) Budget: $2.5 m. Int'l sales: c/o Merchant Ivory Productions. Comedy drama. On a summer night in New York City, five lives intertwine and unravel. Isabel, a beautiful twenty-five year old photographer, wavers on her commitment to her upcoming wedding. Her mother Diana, a legendary actress, discovers her husband is cheating. Jonathan, Isabel's fiance, tries to protect a secret that will endanger his marriage. Peter, a young writer, faces his lover's past while researching a story for The New Yorker and Alec, an actor, wonders if his affections will ever be returned. Set in the nightspots, theaters, rooftops, and streets of Manhattan over one night, Heights is a contemporary story of young people in New York that sparkles with the wit that is the trademark of Merchant Ivory films. At the center of the story is Isabel, a young woman trying to decide between her life in the city and the prospect of a quiet existence as a suburban wife. The story takes us from downtown bars to upscale roof gardens to gay bars in Chelsea to the geriatric crowd at a Jewish wedding. Isabel - like a modern day Jane Austen heroine, a woman on the verge of adulthood - must decide in a single night what kind of life she is going to lead. Exec prod: Paul Bradley. Prods: Ismail Merchant & Richard Hawley. Dir: Chris Terrio. Scr: Chris Terrio, Amy Fox. Cast: Glenn Close, Elizabeth Banks, Matt Davis, James Marsden, Thomas Lennon, Alan Arkin, Wallace Shawn, Mia Farrow. Shot from October 2003 until December 2003 in the US.
Contact Paul Bradley, (44) 20 7437 1200

(Tartan Films, Constant Howling Productions [US]) Int'l sales: Tartan Films Distribution. Murder thriller. The true story of two cousins whose infamy was immortalised as the notorious Hillside Stranglers. Preying on women, the cousins reigned over the Hillside area of Los Angeles over a two-year period before being apprehended by the authorities. Exec prods: Carole Siller, Mike Avery. Prods: Hamish McAlpine, Michael Muscal. Assoc prod: Laura De Casto. Dir: Charles Parello. Scr: Parello, Steve Johnston. DoP: John Pirozzi. Line prod: Matt Compton. Prod des: Gregg Gibbs. Costume des: Niklas Palm. Make-up/hair: Tracy Wilcox. Main cast: C Thomas Howell, Nick Turturro, Allison Lange, Tricia Dickson, Roz Witt. Shot for four weeks on location in California.
Contact: Constant Howling Productions, (1) 323 468 0364/David Freed, Tartan Films, (44) 20 7440 1016

(Mad As Hell Films) Budget: Low. Int'l sales: Mad as Hell Films. Thriller. A man is spying on the girl next door using an illegal CCTV system. When she is murdered on camera, he sets out to trace the killers himself, rather than go to the police. And then another girl moves into the same flat... Prods: Sean Martin, Steve Skitt. Dir: Skitt. Scr: Martin, Skitt. DoP: Skitt. Ed: Jon Lovell Music: Ravi McArthur. Hair/make-up: Molly Dickie. Cast: Nik Renouf, Henrietta Nelson, Erich Redman, Steve Dineen, Ines Glanznig. Shot from April until July, 2003.
Contact: Sean Martin, (44) 870 128 3086

(David Productions) Backer: Walden Media (US). Int'l sales: Summit. Family drama. Prods: Clive Parsons, Davina Belling, Lauren Levine. Dir/scr: Paul Feig. Main cast: Ben Tibber, Joan Plowright, Jim Caviezel.
Contact: Clive Parsons, (44) 20 7235 4495

(Dan Films UK, Samsa Films [Lux], Fado Films [Port]) Backers: Film Fund Luxembourg, RTP, Lusomundo, Ingenious. Drama. Prod: Jani Thiltges. Dir/scr: Antonio-Pedro Vasconcelos. Main cast: Emmanuelle Seigner, Joaquim de Almeida, Nicolau Breyner.
Contact: Dan Films, (44) 20 7916 4771

(T.H.E. Film Ltd [NZ], Little Bird [UK]) Backers: UK Film Council, New Zealand Film Commission, Visionview, NZ On Air, Optimum Releasing (UK). Int'l sales: ElementX, NZ Film. Dist: Icon (Aust/NZ), Optimum Releasing (UK). Psychological mystery. A renowned war journalist returning home develops an intriguing friendship with a teenage girl, but when she mysteriously disappears he is implicated and forced to face dark family secrets. Exec prods: Sue Bruce Smith James Mitchell, Steve Robbins, Jim Reeves, Paul Trijbits. Prods: Trevor Haysom, Dixie Linder. Dir/scr: Brad McGann. DoP: Stuart Dryburgh. Ed: Chris Plummer. Prod design: Jennifer Kernke. Cost design: Kirsty Cameron. Hair/make-up: Denise Kym. 1st AD: Axel Paton. Main cast: Matthew MacFadyen, Miranda Otto, Colin Moy, Jodie Rimmer, Emily Barclay. Shot in Otago and Auckland from Sept 8, 2003, to Oct 31.
Contact: UK Film Council, (44) 207 861 7861

(WT2, Octagon) Backer: Universal Pictures. Dist: UIP (worldwide), Momentum Pictures (UK). Drama. Exec prods: Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, Natascha Wharton, Morgan O' Sullivan. Prods: James Flynn, Juanita Wilson. Dir: Damien O'Donnell. DoP: Peter Robertson. Ed: Fran Parker. Prod des: Tom Conroy. Costume des: Lorna Marie Mugan. Chief make-up artist: Morna Ferguson. Cast: Steven Robertson, James McAvoy, Romola Garai, Brenda Fricker.
Contact: Kate Luczyc - Wyhowska, (44) 20 7307 1364

(Section Eight, Mandalay Pictures) Budget: $32m. Backer: VIP Medienfonds. Dist (US): Warner Bros. Int'l sales: Summit Entertainment. Suspense thriller about a man who may have been wrongly accused of murder. Prod: Peter Guber. Line prod: Peter McAleese. Dir: John Maybury. Cast: Keira Knightley, Adrien Brody. Shooting from Jan 19, 2004, for six weeks in the UK and Canada.
Contact: Summit Entertainment, (1) 310 309 8400

(Visionary Films, Balagan Productions) Budget: £2.6m. Dist: Visionary Films. Romantic comedy. Prod: Jonathan Weissler. Dir: Agan. DoP: Bejini Li. Ed: Tang Wei Wen. Prod des: Alice Herrick. Art dir: Byron Broadbent. Costume des: Maggie Yan. UPM: Guy Allon. First AD: Mike Higgins. Unit man: Mark Tyack. Loc man: Philip Morris. Prod Co-ord: Paul Butterworth. Set dec: Kate Wicks. SFX supervisor: Steve Miller. Hair/make-up: Sjaan Gillings. Casting dir: Jenni Green. Sound mixer: Wu Jiang. Cast: Eddison Chan, Jennifer Li, Cary Woodworth, Naomi Gibson, Chris Frampton, Danya Lababedi, Don Klass, Ciaron Doyle, Samantha Johannson, Jo Wang, Shan Li, Aden Cardy Brown, Patricia Kensley, Jo Price, Jonathan Rhodes. Shot from Oct 12, 2003, for eight weeks in Oxford, Bristol, London and Shanghai.
Contact: production office, (44) 1256 884 817

(WT2, New Moon Pictures) Backer: Universal Pictures. Dist: UIP (worldwide), Momentum Pictures (UK). Comedy/drama. Exec prods: Stephen Daldry, Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, Natascha Wharton. Prods: Mark Huffam, Mike McGeagh. Dir/scr: Terry Loane. DoP: Roman Osin. Ed: Scott Thomas. Prod des: Tom McCullagh. Costume des: Hazel Webb-Crozier. Make-up des: Liz Boston. Cast: Niall Wright, John Jo McNeil, Adrian Dunbar, Ciaran Hinds, Gina Mckee, Julie Walters, Susan Lynch. Shot from Oct 15, 2003, for eight weeks in Belfast and on location in Northern Ireland.
Contact: Kate Luczyc - Wyhowska, (44) 20 7307 1364

(Heyday Films, Warner Bros Pictures [US]) Dir: Alfonso Cuaron. Scr: Steve Kloves. Shot at Leavesden Studios and around the UK.
Contact: Leavesden Studios, (44) 1923 685 060

(Scott Free Productions) Backer: Twentieth Century Fox. Historical epic set during the Crusades. Prods: Ridley Scott, Terry Needham, Branko Lustig, Lisa Ellzey. Dir: Ridley Scott. Scr: William Monahan. Uk prod man: Emily Stillman. Casting dir: Jina Jay. Cast: Orlando Bloom, Eva Green, Liam Neeson. Shooting in Morocco from January, 2004.
Contact: Scott Free Productions, (1) 310 360 2250

(Jerry Bruckheimer Films [US]) Budget: $85m. Backer: Disney. Int'l dist: Buena Vista/Touchstone. Exec prods: Mike Stenson, Chad Oman, Ned Dowd, David Franzoni. Prod: Jerry Bruckheimer. Dir: Antoine Fuqua. Scr: Franzoni, John Lee Hancock. DoP: Slawomir Idziak. Ed: Conrad Buff. Prod des: Dan Weil. Costume des: Penny Rose. Hair/make-up: Ailbhe Lemass, Dee Corcoran. Main cast: Clive Owen, Stephen Dillane, Keira Knightley, Ray Winstone, Stellan Skarsgard. Shot from June 23, 2003, until Oct 28 in Ireland.
Contact: Kate Bowe, unit publicist, (353) 167 136 72

(Scala Productions) Int'l sales: Lakeshore International. Dist (UK): Entertainment Film Distributors. Drama. Set in a tight-knit Cornish fishing village in the 1930's, Ladies In Lavender tells the story of sisters Ursula and Janet, two spinsters whose lives are turned upside down when they discover a handsome and charismatic Polish castaway ship-wrecked on the beach below their house. Prods: Nicolas Brown, Elizabeth Karlsen, Nik Powell. Dir/scr: Charles Dance. DoP: Peter Biziou. Ed: Michael Parker. Prod des: Caroline Amies. Costume des: Barbara Kidd. Hair/make-up: Fae Hammond. Cast: Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Natascha McElhone, Miriam Margolyes, Daniel Bruehl. Shot from Sept 15 until Nov 3, 2003 in the UK.
Contact: Scala Productions, (44) 20 7612 0060

(Columbia TriStar Films UK, Ska Films) Int'l dist: Columbia Tristar Film Distributors International. Fast-talking, fast-paced comedic thriller set in present day London. Prod: Matthew Vaughn, David Reid, Adam Bohling. Dir: Vaughn. Scr: JJ Connolly. DoP: Ben Davis. Ed: Jon Harris. Art dir: Steve Carter. Prod des: Kave Quinn. Music: John Murphy. Costume des: Stephanie Collie. Make-up/hair: Fae Hammond. Main cast: Daniel Craig, Michael Gambon, Tom Hardy, Colm Meaney, Jamie Foreman, Sienna Miller. Shot from June 30, 2003, until Aug 31.
Contact: Diane Kelly, Freud Communications, (44) 20 7291 6321

(Young Alexander Ltd) Exec prods: Sami El-Adl (Egypt), Yannis Koutsomitus (Greece), Kent Walwin (UK). Prods: Ilya Salkind (US), Jeffrey Taylor (UK). Co-prods: Deborah Moore (US), Joe Majestic (US), Constantine de Naray. Dir: Jalal Merhi. Scr: Dan Skinner. DoP: Gavin Struthers. Ed: Mark Thorthon. Costume des: Hugh Durrent. Line prod: Dan Cast: Hala Sedki, Aris Papadimitriou, David Curtez, Magdy Rushwan, Sherif Ramzzy, Sherif Gameel, Kholoud Kazeem, John Moulder-Brown.Sutton (UK), Mai Fadley (Egypt), Konstantinos Markopoulos (Greece). Casting: Gillian Hawser (UK), Makis Gazis (Greece). Cast: Hala Sedki, Aris Papadimitriou, David Curtez, Magdy Rushwan, Sherif Ramzzy, Sherif Gameel, Kholoud Kazeem, John Moulder-Brown. Shot from Feb 7, 2004, until April 7 in Greece and Egypt.
Contact: Kathryn Carner, director of development, The Ilya Salkind Company, (1) 323 876 7536

(Avenue Pictures, Navidi Wilde, Spice Factory) Budget: $25m. Backers: Movision, UK Film Council, Delux Productions, Immagine Cinema. Int'l sales: Arclight Films. Dist: MGM (UK), Japan (Art Port), Spain (Manga), Russia (Paradise), Eastern Europe/Latin America (New Films). Shakespeare's story of lovers who make hasty commitments and come to understand that life is not so simple. Prods: Cary Brokaw, Barry Navidi, Michael Cowan, Jason Piette. Dir: Michael Radford. Cast: Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons, Lynn Collins, Joseph Fiennes. Shot in Luxembourg and Venice.
Contact: Arclight Films, (61) 299 558 25

(Pathe Pictures, Mission Pictures, Inside Track ) Backers: Pathe Pictures, BBC Films, Ingenious, UK Film Council. Dist: Pathe (UK, Fr, Benelux, CH ); Int'l Sales: Pathe International. Quirky comic tale. Prods: Graham Broadbent, Andrew Hauptman, Damian Jones. Dir: Danny Boyle. Scr: Frank Cottrell-Boyce. Main cast: James Nesbitt, Daisy Donovan, Lewis McGibbon, Alex Etel.
Contact Patricia Gill, Pathe Distribution, 0207 462 4469

(Lucky Ukfs Productions, Media Pro Pictures [Rom]) Int'l sales: Bauer Martinez Studios. Period drama. Set in Paris 1919, this is the untold story of the bitter rivalry between Modigliani and Picasso: two men whose rivalry is fuelled by their brilliance, arrogance and passions. Prods: Philippe Martinez, Andre Djaoui. Co-prods: Stephanie Martinez, Alan Latham. Dir/scr: Mick Davis. DoP: Manu Kadosh. Art dirs: Giantito Burchiellaro, Luigi Marchione. Ed: Emma Hickox. First AD: Mary Soan. Line prods: Michael Frenschkowski, Irina Chirita. Casting: Jeremy Zimmermann (UK); Andreea Tanasescu (Rom). Costume des: Pam Downe. Make-up des: Giannetto de Rossi. Main cast: Andy Garcia, Elsa Zylberstein, Hippolyte Girardot, Steven Rimkuss, Louis Hilyer. Shot on location in Romania.
Contact: Bauer Martinez Studios, (1) 727 582 9939

(Apocalypso Pictures) Backers: BBC, The Film Consortium, UK Film Council, Baker Street. Int'l sales: The Works.Dist: BBC (UK). Drama. A bold and innovative tale of teenage friendship and burgeoning sexuality. Exec prod: Chris Auty. Prods: Tanya Seghatchian, Chris Collins. Dir: Pawel Pawlikowski. Scr: Michael Wynne, Pawel Pawlikowski. Main cast: Paddy Considine, Emily Blunt, Nathalie Press. Shot from Aug 4, 2003, until Sept 12.
Contact: The Works, (44) 20 7612 1080

(Telefilm Canada [Can]) Int'l sales: Lions Gate. Set in Canada during the turbulent days of 1758 - 1761, when France had abandoned its people and the British Regime was being established. Francois Le Gardeur returns to Canada after studying law at La Sorbonne, and rejecting his bourgeois family, he lives in the forests among Quebecois Indians. Prod: Richard Goudreau. Dir: Jean Beaudin. Cast: Irene Jacob, Gerard Depardieu, Vincent Perez, Tim Roth, Jason Isaacs, Colm Meaney, Noemie Godin Vigneau, David LaHaye. Shot in Montreal and the UK.
Contact: Lions Gate Films International, (1) 310 255 3700

(Anthony Buckley Films, Oyster Farmer Films) Backers: Film Finance Corporation, Showtime, Ocean/Dendy, Beyond Films, Little Wing Films, Future Film Group, New South Wales Film & Television Office. Contemporary romantic western set in frontier Australia. Moving from Sydney to an isolated river community to work for impoverished eighth generation oyster farmers may not be an obvious career move. If, however, you are a desperate young man with an enterprising streak and a big heart then the Hawkesbury may well be your salvation. This is a love story about an inept thief who ends up a local hero. Prods: Anthony Buckley, Piers Tempest. Dir/scr: Anna Reeves. Ed: Peter Beston. DoP: Alun Bollinger. Sound: Chris Alderton. Cast: Alex O'Lachlan, Jim Norton, Diana Glenn, Jack Thompson, David Field, Kerry Armstrong. Shot from 10 Nov, 2003, for six weeks in Hawkesbury River Valley, Australia.
Contact: Beyond Films, (44) 20 7636 9613

(Ukfs LLP) Co-prods: Lucky Ukfs, Framewerk (Ger), Media Pro (Rom), The Tower Limited Liability Partnership, Electric Dog & Bear, erinfilm. Dist (int'l): Bauer Martinez Studios. Thriller/drama. Exec prods: Philippe Martinez, Douglas W Miller, Alan Latham. Prod: Kim Leggatt. Dir/scr: Jevon O'Neill. Main cast: Dennis Hopper, Gina Gershon, Jordan Frieda, Dominique Swain, Jim Carter.
Contact: Bauer Martinez Studios, (1) 727 582 9939

(The Opera Ghost) Exec prods: Paul Hitchcock, Austin Shaw. Prod: Andrew Lloyd Webber. Dir: Joel Schumacher. DoP: John Mathieson. Art dir: John Fenner. Prod des: Anthony Pratt. Set decorator: Celia Bobak. Ed: Terry Rawlings. Sound: Tony Dawe. Casting: David Grindrod. Music prod: Nigel Wright. Musical dir: Simon Lee. Choreographer: Peter Darling. Costume des: Alexandra Byrne. Make-up/hair: Jenny Shircore. Main cast: Gerard Butler, Emmy Rossum, Patrick Wilson. Shot from Sept 15, 2003, at Pinewood Studios.
Contact: (44) 1753 656 566

(Mission Pictures, Myriad Pictures, Inside Track, the Isle of Man Film Ltd) Piccadilly Jim is a comedy set in the 1930s and follows the romantic misadventures of a dashing American ne'er do well, James Crocker who is desperate to shed his scandalous reputation to impress the girl of his dreams. Exec prods: Kirk D'Amico, Marion Pilowsky, Steve Christian, Duncan Reid. Prods: Pete Czernin, Graham Broadbent, Andrew Hauptman. Dir: John McKay. Scr: Julian Fellowes. Line Producer: Paul Ritchie. Prod man: Amanda Wilkie. Assistant prod man: Tessa Beazley. Production des: Amanda McArthur. DoP: Andrew Dunn. Costume des: Ralph Holes. Chief make-up/hair: Kirstin Chalmers. Sound mixer: Clive Copland. Casting dir: Avy Kaufman (US) Jill Trevellick (UK). First AD: David Daniels. Script supervisor: Janice Schumm. Loc man: Sam Breckman. Ed: David Freeman. Cast: Sam Rockwell, Tom Wilkinson, Brenda Blethyn, Hugh Bonneville, Frances O'Connor, Allison Janney, Austin Pendleton, Tom Hollander, Pam Ferris, Geoffrey Palmer. Shot for 9 weeks in the Isle of Man and London from Nov 24, 2003.
Contact: Julia Finn/Nicole Gregory, DDA Public Relations, (44) 20 7932 9800

(Theorema Films [Neth], David P. Kelly Productions[UK], Samsa Films [Lux]) Budget: EUROS: 3.3m. Backers: Dutch Film Fund, VARA Television (Neth), Dutch COBO Fund, NOS, Luxembourg Samsa Film, David P. Kelly Productions. Crime thriller. A fictionalised version of the fascinating true story of the Amsterdam drugs baron Klaas Bruinsma. Klaas began as a lowly cannabis dealer, then formed a partnership with champion kickboxer Adri Slotemaker, and this wife Annet, a former crime lord's bookkeeper. Together the three of them took over the cannabis trade, and became legendary figures, before eventually, they betrayed each other. Dutch language. Prods: Frank Bak, David P. Kelly, Janni Thiltges. Dir/scr: Gerard Verhage. DoP: Theo Bierkens. Ed: Charlotte Van Veen. Prod des: Marco Rooth. Costume des: John Krausa, Hair/make-up supervisor: Winnie Gallis. Cast: Peter Paul Muller, Frank Lammers, Chantal Janzen. Shot from Sept 8, 2003, until Nov 1 in Amsterdam and Luxembourg.
Contact: Emma Webb, David P. Kelly Productions, (44) 207 8450 400

(AGAV, MP Productions, Recorded Picture Company) French-Israeli co-production. Int'l sales: HanWay. Drama. An investigative journalist on an official tour in the Gaza Strip becomes embroiled in a sinister trade between Arabs and Israelis - human trafficking - selling girls into enslaved prostitution. Prod/dir: Amos Gitai. DoP: Caroline Champetier. Ed: Isabelle Ingold. Prod des: Eli Zion. Costume des: Laura Sheim Dinulescu. Cast: Rosamund Pike, Diana Bespechni, Hanna Schygulla, Anne Parillaud. Shot from Jan 4, 2004, until Feb 20 in Israel and Georgia.
Contact: Jonathan Lynch-Staunton, HanWay, (44) 207 290 0750

(Miramax Films [US], Hart Sharp Entertainment [US]) Proof explores the links between genius and madness, the relationship between fathers and daughters and the nature of truth and family. Prods: John Hart, Jeff Sharp, Alison Owen, Robert Kessel. Co-prod: Mark Cooper. Dir: John Madden. Scr: Rebecca Miller, based on the play by David Auburn. Prod man: Hilary Benson. Prod co-ord: Simon Fraser. First AD: Deborah Saban. DoP: Alwin Kuchler. Ed: Mick Audsley. Production des: Alice Normington. Costume des: Jill Taylor. Chief make-up artist: Rebecca Lafford. Chief hair-dresser: Nicola Clarke. Sound mixer: Peter Lindsay. Cast: Gwyneth Paltrow, Anthony Hopkins, Jake Gyllenhaal, Hope Davis. Shot from Sept 24, 2003, in Chicago and London for eight weeks.
Contact: Miramax Films, (1) 212 219 4100

(Head GearFilms [UK], Beanca Films [Ger], Calle Cruzada [Sp]) Budget: $3m. Backers: Fidicine Fund (Sp), Gussi Distribution (Mex). Political thriller focusing on an innocent Mexican man who is the victim of corruption, and framed for the murder of a top government official. His fight to clear his name and bid to escape his pursuers takes him to the UK, the original home of his wife who in turn is held captive by the Mexicans. He is then forced to take on the British authorities as well in his quest for justice and freedom. Prods: Phil Hunt, Greg Cruttwell, Jorge Ramirez Suarez, Jose Luis Escolar. Dir/scr: Jorge Ramirez Suarez. DoP (Mex): Luis Sansans. Prod des (Mex): Bernardo Trujillo. Cast: Bruno Bichir, Jesus Ochoa, Alvaro Guerrero, Emilio Echevarria, Lorraine Pilkington. Shot from Nov 17 until Dec 19 2003 in Mexico, and in the UK from Jan 19 2004 until Feb 7.
Contact: Phil Hunt, (44) 207 485 0907/ (44) 7956 375 705

(BBC Films, Distant Horizon) Drama. Adaptation of the Gillian Slovo novel. Exec prod: David Thompson, Helena Spring. Prods: Anant Singh, Ruth Caleb. Dir: Thomas Hooper. Scr: Troy Kennedy Martin. Cast: Hilary Swank, Chjwetel Ejiofor. Shot in South Africa.
Contact: BBC Films, (44) 207 580 4468

(Palm Tree UK) Romance. Exec prod: Robbie Moffat. Prod: Mairi Sutherland. Dir: Moffat. Scr: Sutherland. Main cast: Michael Rodgers, Lucy Russell, Rebecca Palmer.
Contact: (44) 1290 553 322

(Impact Pictures) Budget: $40m. Backers: Constantin Film (Ger), Sony Screen Gems (US). Action horror sequel, based on Capcom's best-selling video game franchise. Exec prod: Robert Kulzer, Victor Hadida. Prods: Paul WS Anderson, Jeremy Bolt, Bernd Eichenger, Samuel Hadida, Don Carmody. Dir: Alexander Witt. Scr: Anderson. Main cast: Milla Jovovich, Sienna Guillory, Mike Epps. Shot in Toronto.
Contact: Impact Pictures, (44) 20 7636 7716

(RDL Productions Limited) Budget: under $1.5m. Gangster thriller. Prod: Pearl Nitusgau. Dir/scr: Stephen Jackson. Main cast: Terrance Anderson, Moshe Dennis, Richard Field, Ricky Hards, Edward Bryant.
Contact: Lucy Baxter, (44) 20 8672 0252

(Crusader Entertainment, jk livin, KanZaman, Massarde) Dist (US): Paramount Pictures. Dist (int'l): Paramount, Crusader Entertainment, LLC. Int'l sales: IS Film. Co-prods: Moguletta, LLC, Babelsberg Film, KanZaman, Massarde Productions. Action/adventure. Exec prods: Clive Cussler, Matthew McConaughey, Gus Gustawes, William J Immerman. Prods: Howard Baldwin, Karen Baldwin, Mace Neufeld, Stephanie Austin. Co-prod: Vicki Dee Rock, Denise O'Dell, Mark Albela, Henning Molfenter, Thierry Potok, David Barron. Dir: Breck Eisner. UPM: Scott Thaler. UK line prod: Chris Thompson. Unit prod man: Frederic Bovis (Mor), Anna Cassini (Spain). Scr: James V Hart, Thomas Dean Donnelly, Josh Oppenheimer, Josh Friedman, David Ward, John Richards, Mark Skeet, Matthew Faulk, based on the novel by Clive Cussler. Prod des: Allan Cameron. Art dirs: Giles Masters, Tony Reading. Set dec: Anna Pinnock. DoP: Seamus McGarvey. Cam op: Peter Robertson. Ads: Chris Newman, Ahmed Hatimi (Mor). Loc man: Thierry Zemmour (Mor), Bill Barringer (UK), Jose Maria Gonzalez Sinde (Sp). Casting dir: Anne McCarthy, Nina Gold. Costume des: Anna Sheppard. Ed: Andrew MacRitchie. Sound: Chris Munro. Stunts: Lee Sheward. Aerial: Marc Wolff. Marine: Launce Julian. Armourer: Joss Skottowe. SFX: Dominic Tuohy. 2nd unit dir: EJ Foerster. 2nd unit cam: Harvey Harrison. Main cast: Matthew McConaughey, Steve Zahn, Penelope Cruz. Shot from Nov 3, 2003 on location in the UK, Morocco and Spain and at Shepperton Studios.
Contact: Susan d'Arcy, unit publicist, (44) 1932 562 611

(Mell Wade Films) Caper movie, based on a true story. In 1999, 41 members of a Romanian choir obtained visas to perform at the Sligo choral festival in Western Ireland. Upon arrival at Dublin airport, they disappeared. It soon became clear that the 41 were not part of a choir, were not even musicians or singers, but part of a giant immigration scam. Sliding Dice is the story of that scam. Exec prods: Rod Weinberg, Andrew Stear. Prod: Dave Duce. Dirs: John Riley, John Ketchum. Scr: Barry Mulligan, John Riley, John Ketchum. DoP: Oleg Mutu. Ed: Catalin Leescu. Prod des: Adrian Cancer. Costume des: Ramona Stanca. Hair: Angela Tugui, Georgiana Creanga. Make-up: Cristina Ilie. Cast: Barry Mulligan, Adrian Ciglenean, Irina Dinescu, Emil Hostina, Eamon Rohan, Yann Le Blay, Dragos Bucur, Alexandru Dragoi. Shot from Nov 10 until Dec 21, 2003, In Romania and Ireland.
Contact: Rod Weinberg, (44) 20 7729 7384

(Dan Films UK, UGC Images [Fr]) Budget: e19m. Backer: UGC (Fr), Ingenious Media. Dist: UGC. Martial arts action. The Yamakasi are a gang of fearless street acrobats, roaming the world in search of the best combatants in their chosen sport: rooftop basketball. Prod: Yves Marmion. Main cast: The Yamakasi, Burt Kwok. Shot from March 17, 2003, for 18 weeks in Bangkok and London.
Contact: Dan Films, (44) 20 7916 4771

(Channel 4, Parallax) Backer: Screen Yorkshire. Int'l sales: Moviehouse Entertainment. Drama about the experience of British Muslims post-September 11. Tells the story of Yasmin, a British Muslim woman whose husband is falsely imprisoned as a terrorist suspect. Prod: Sally Hibbin. Dir: Kenny Glenaan. Scr: Simon Beaufoy. Cast: Archie Panjabi.
Contact: Moviehouse Entertainment, (44) 207 380 3999

(Returning Productions) Dist: Artisan (US), Momentum Pictures (UK). Drama/romance/comedy. Ned Kynaston is the most famous 'female' on the 17th-century London stage, but when a royal decree bans an actor from playing the part of a woman, he must get in touch with his masculine side with the help of the real thing - his former dresser and now a rising star, Maria. Exec prods: Michael Kuhn, James D Stern, Richard Eyre. Prods: Robert De Niro, Jane Rosenthal, Hardy Justice. Dir: Eyre. Scr: Jeffrey Hatcher. DoP: Andrew Dunn. Ed: Tariq Anwar. Prod des: Jim Clay. Costume des: Tim Hatley. Hair/make-up: Lisa Westcott. Main cast: Billy Crudup, Claire Danes, Rupert Everett, Tom Wilkinson, Ben Chaplin. Shot from June 27, 2003, until Aug 22 at Shepperton Studios and on location in London.
Contact: Liz Miller, M+R, (44) 20 7637 2600

(Samuelson Productions) Backers: First Choice Films 2004, Momentum Pictures, Royal Bank of Scotland, Isle of Man Film Ltd. Dist (UK): Momentum Pictures. Int'l sales: Alliance Atlantis. A smart, sexy and poignant comedy drama about a group of twenty-something friends desperately resisting the inevitable - adulthood and responsibility. Exec prods: Sally Caplan, Steve Christian, Rolf Koot, David Kosse, Donald A. Starr, Daniel J.B. Taylor. Prods: Marc Samuelson, Peter Samuelson. Asst Producer: Jessica Parker. Dir: Simon Shore. Scr: Patrick Wilde. Line prod/post prod supervisor: Lee Ruette. Ed: Barrie Vince. Music supervisor: Amy Coffey, David Rubinson. Prod accountant: Freya Pinsent. Legals: Olswang. Cast: Dougray Scott, Jimi Mistry, Emilia Fox, Shaun Parkes, Billie Piper.
Contact: Alliance Atlantis, (1) 416 967 1174

(Scott Free Productions) Period drama. After the fall of the Roman Empire, Irish King Donnchadh (David O'Hara) brutally subjugates tribal England. There, young orphaned Tristan (James Franco) is raised by family ally Lord Marke (Rufus Sewell). As a young man, the charismatic Tristan leads guerilla attacks on Irish occupying forces, ultimately defeating King Donnchadh's elite warriors. Believing himself to be mortally wounded, Tristan requests a funeral boat that eventually washes up on the Irish coast. Discovered by Irish Princess Isolde (Sophia Myles), the two fall passionately in love. All too soon Tristan must flee back to the safety of England. Meanwhile, King Donnchadh invites the English lords to contest for Isolde's hand, hoping to cause further discord among the bickering English barons. Unaware of Isolde's identity, Tristan fights in the tournament as Marke's champion. Tristan is victorious but is devastated to learn Isolde's true identity. Lord Marke weds Isolde and prepares to become King of the now united England, ruining Donnchadh's plan. Despite their best efforts to stay apart, Tristan and Isolde eventually resume their affair. When King Donnchadh arrives in England for Marke's coronation, he deviously unmasks the affair causing an English rebellion. Lord Marke forgives Tristan and Isolde as they defend Castle Dor from Irish troops. Tristan leads a battle against the Irish but is fatally wounded. As Lord Marke leads the reunited English troops to drive out the Irish, Tristan dies peacefully in Isolde's arms. Exec prods: Ridley Scott, Tony Scott, Jim Lemley, Frank Hubner. Prods: Lisa Ellzey, Giannina Facio, Moshe Diamant, Elie Samaha. Co-prods: Anne Lai, Jan Fantl. Dir: Kevin Reynolds. Scr: Dean Georgaris. DoP: Arthur Reinhart. Ed: Peter Boyle. Prod des: Mark Geraghty. Art dir: Jan Svoboda (Czech), David Wilson (Ireland). Costume des: Maurizio Millennotti. SFX supervisor: Pavel Sagner. Cast: James Franco, Sophia Myles, Rufus Sewell, David O'Hara, Dexter Fletcher, Bronagh Gallagher, Mark Strong. Shot from Sept 3, 2003, until Dec 6 in Ireland and Prague.
Contact: Scott Free Productions, (44) 207 437 7426

(Focus Features, Tempesta Films, Granada Film Production) Period adaptation. Exec prod: Pippa Cross. Prods: Janette Day, Donna Gigliotti, Lydia Dean Pilcher. Dir: Mira Nair. Scr: Mark Skeet, Matthew Faulk, Julian Fellowes. Main cast: Reese Witherspoon, James Purefoy, Eileen Atkins, Jim Broadbent, Gabriel Byrne.
Contact: Focus Features, (1) 212 343 9230

(Awol Films) Backers: UK Film Council New Cinema Fund, Arts Council of Wales, HTV) Int'l sales: Portman Films. Dist (UK): Verve Pictures. A teenage tragedy which offers a chilling insight into racism whilst connecting us with the lives of five adolescents struggling to cling to their dreams. Prods: Charlie Hanson, Patrick Cassavetti, Peter Edwards. Dir/scr: Amma Asante. DoP: Ian Wilson. Prod des: Hayden Pearce. Casting dir: Gary Howe. Ed: Clare Douglas. Costume des: Susie Lewis. Hair/make-up: Magi Vaughan. Cast: Brenda Blethyn, Oliver Haden, Stephanie James, Gary Sheppeard, Dean Wong, Sara Gregory. Shot from Sept 1, 2003, for 6 weeks on location in Wales.
Contact: Keeley Naylor/Zoe Flower, emfoundation, (44) 20 7247 4171

(Celador Films) Dist worldwide: Fox Searchlight. Romantic drama. Anne has a seemingly perfect marriage to James until the arrival of Bill, and a tragic accident in their idyllic country village that looks set to unravel their lives forever. Exec prod: Paul Smith. Prod: Christian Colson. Dir/scr: Julian Fellowes. DoP: Tony Pierce - Roberts. Ed: Alex Mackie. Prod des: Alison Riva. Costume des: Michele Clapton. Hair/make-up: Jamie Pritchard/Roseann Samuels. Cast: Emily Watson, Tom Wilkinson, Rupert Everett. Shot from Sept 8, 2003, until Oct 31.
Contact: Celador Films, (44) 207 845 6999

(Cinerenta) Thriller. Patricia Highsmith's eponymous anti-hero Tom Ripley has just left college. When an artist friend crashes his car Ripley covers up the death to increase the worth of the dead man's work ' leading the young schemer into forgery and extortion. Prods: Michael Ohoven, William Vince, Marco Mehlitz, Steve Ujlaki, Antoine de Clermont-Tonnerre. Dir: Roger Spottiswoode. Scr: Donald Westlake, W Blake Herron. DoP: Paul Sarossy. Line prod: David Barron. Prod man: Nikolas Korda. First AD: Jonathan Benson. Sound: Brian Simmons. Prod des: Ben Scott. Costume des: Caroline Harris. Make-up des: Lizzie Yianni Georgiou. Main cast: Barry Pepper, Willem Dafoe, Claire Forlani, Jacinda Barrett, Alan Cumming. Shot for eight weeks from June 29, 2003, on location in London and on the Isle of Man.
Contact: Pete Daly, (44) 788 799 0035

(Working Title Films) Int'l dist: Universal Pictures. Romantic comedy set at the No 1 tennis championship in the world. Exec prods: Liza Chasin, Debra Hayward, David Livingstone. Prods: Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, Mary Richards. Dir: Richard Loncraine. Scr: Jennifer Flackett, Mark Levin, Adam Brooks. Casting dir: Irene Lamb. DoP: Darius Khondji. Prod des: Brian Morris. Ed: Humphrey Dixon. Costume des: Louise Stjernsward. First AD: Richard Whelan. Prod man: Jeremy Johns. Location man: Adam Richards. Makeup/hair: Liz Tagg. Main cast: Kirsten Dunst, Paul Bettany, Sam Neill, Jon Favreau, Bernard Hill, Eleanor Bron, Nikolaj Coster Waldau, Austin Nichols. Shot from July 14, 2003, for 13 weeks at Wimbledon, Shepperton Studios and locations around London.
Contact: Working Title Films, (44) 207 307 3000

(Adventure Pictures, Studio Fierberg) Backers: GreeneStreet Films, UK Film Council. Int'l sales: GreeneStreet Films International. Dist: Svensk (Scandinavia), Forum (Israel), Village Roadshow (Greece & Cyprus), West Film (Russia), RCV (Benelux), Castelo Lopes (Portugal). Drama. Suffocating in a failed marriage with Anthony (Sam Neill), SHE (Joan Allen), an Irish-American scientist, sparks an affair with HE (Simon Abkarian), a Lebanese surgeon exiled in London where he now works as a cook. As their passion ignites, each will find themselves on their own personal journey as they try to come to terms with their lives and losses. This bittersweet affair will bring them on a global ride from London to New York, Beirut and Havana and force them to re-evaluate their faiths, beliefs, and ultimately, each other. Exec prods: John Penotti, Paul Trijbits, Fisher Stevens, Cedric Jeanson. Prods: Christopher Sheppard, Andrew Fierberg. Dir/scr: Sally Potter. DoP: Alexei Rodionov. Ed: Daniel Goddard. Prod des: Carlos Conti. Costume des: Jacqueline Durran. Cast: Joan Allen, Simon Abkarian, Sam Neill, Samantha Bond, Shirley Henderson.
Contact: Cedric Jeanson, (1) 212 609 9000