Leading UK production house, Film and Music Entertainment (F&ME), has struck a series of alliances to ensure the future exploitation of its catalogue across all media.

The move follows last month's announcement that their back catalogue would be handled for theatrical and DVD in the UK by indie distribution venture Maiden Voyage Pictures/HB Films.

The catalogue includes Milcho Manchevski's Academy Award nominated Before the Rain, Gunter Grass adaptation Call of the Toad, and animated feature Quest for a Heart,

A deal for all non-theatrical/DVD/TV/VOD ancilliary rights to F&ME's catalogue, will now be handled in the UK by Filmbank Distributors Ltd. a joint venture owned by Warner Bros. Entertainment and Sony Pictures Releasing.

'The whole point of building a catalogue is to hold on to it and make it work for you,' says F&ME's managing director Mike Downey, 'by forging these ongoing alliances with Warner and Sony for non-theatrical we will see revenue at every level of distribution, especially in the cases where licenses are reverting to us after their initial license period.'

In a separate move, F&ME has also sealed deals with London-based international sales outfit Content Film for the world sales of two features whose licenses have reverted: Venice Golden Lion Winner Before The Rain by Milcho Manchevski and Venice Competition entry Loving Glances by veteran director Srdjan Karanovic.

'Content Film have a great track record at curating films at each stage of the sales process,' says F&ME's producing partner Sam Taylor, 'and we look forward to seeing some further life from these two titles and on UK TV sales.'

Finally F&ME and Maiden Voyage Pictures has signed up with Content Republic for an initial three features to be handled for VOD licensing to internet platforms.

The films will be the first wave of releases by Maiden Voyage in December of the F&ME titles and include Rajko Grlic's San Sebastian winner The Border Post, Jannik Johansen's Danish chiller Morke and Milcho Manchevski's Before The Rain. In addition to this MVP will release tween thriller Mystery of the Wolf in the UK in the first week of January.

'The VOD possibilities are gradually maturing in the UK,' said Downey,' and we are in discussions with several emerging platforms, including Nadine Luque's soon to be launched Zini. We are watching the market very carefully and are aware that getting the right digital strategy for a catalogue the size of ours is crucial - in the end it is important for companies of our size to find a safe place for our digital outsourcing.'