Jinga Films, the UK based sales company, has acquired Hawk The Hunter , director Terry Marcel's follow up to his 1980s cult hit, Hawk The Slayer.

Tom Hardy (Bronson) is on board for the $10,000,000 sword and sorcery saga and is to play Hawk.

Producer Andrew Growcock of Westwood Productions is to cast Hawks' nemesis, Voltan, originally played by Jack Palance.

The action will be brought up to date with a $2,000,000 computer-generated imagery budget from FX company Yard Media in Ireland.

Julian Richards, company director at Jinga said 'It's a thrill to become involved with the Hawk franchise. Hawk The Slayer made an impact on my generation and I am confident that with Terry's vision for the sequel, Hawk the Hunter will make an impact on today's audience'.

Other titles in Jinga's Berlin line-up include Johnny Kevorkian's supernatural thriller The Disappeared starring Harry Treadaway; Penny Woolcock's futuristic drama Exodus starring Bernard Hill; Gregory Mandry's horror Gnaw; Danny Hiller's gangster thriller Love Me Still; and Julian Richards coming-of-age thriller Summer Scars.