After striking partnerships with the Soho Shorts Film Festival and the Giffoni Film Festival, Internet TV platform Babelgum has now struck a deal with the Encounters Short Film Festival.

Encounters, which will host its 13th edition this month in Bristol, UK, will now offer festival participants the chance to broadcast their short films on Babelgum.

Directors and rights owners can upload Encounters content from today through Nov 20.

Encounters entrants will also be allowed to enter the Babelgum Online Film Festival, which has lucrative cash prizes in seven categories.

Encounters has had more than 1,750 from 66 countries.

Sue Lion, Encounters managing director, said: 'Encounters is growing in prominence and reputation but we remain limited by the amount of material we are physically able to screen during the festival. Babelgum provides a unique and innovative solution to this problem and opens up our doors to a huge audience to the benefit of all involved. Babelgum removes the constraints of traditional broadcasting to provide a global platform for niche content.'