With the major studioskeeping their big releases away from Shrek 2 in the UK this week it wasleft to the independents to make the headlines in the chart.

Headlines were certainly madeby Optimum Releasing. The distributor released Michael Moore's documentary Fahrenheit9/11 on 132 screens setting records for best documentary opening ever inthe UK and for an Optimum release. The film's total weekend gross, whichincluded previews of $651,775 (£351,626), makes it Optimum's most successfulrelease of all time ahead of Spirited Away's $1.8m (£0.98m) total gross.

Fahrenheit was pipped to second place, however, by EntertainmentFilm Distributors' family title Around The World In 80 Days. The film'sweekend result also included previews of $839,702 (£453,011) from two-daypreviews both of the previous two weekends.

UGC Films scored its secondsuccess in as many weeks with The Story Of The Weeping Camel.Strong reviews for the film saw it do solid art house business with a $5,155location average taken from 19 screens.

Shrek 2 held the top of the chart for as second week after a33% drop from its opening weekend, excluding previews. It faces its first realchallenge from Columbia TriStar's Spider-Man 2 this Thursday (July 15)