It proved a close runchallenge at the top of the UK chart this week as two openers fought for thelead. Sony Pictures Releasing International's Closer just pipped UIP's TeamAmerica: World Police thanks to its Thursday previews.

With previews of $239,961 (£128,432)from 242 sites factored in Closer's weekend finished on $2.9m (£1.57m)ahead of Team America's $2.85m (£1.53m).

Of course, without thepreviews Closer's three-day weekend would have ranked second behind TeamAmerica. Despite this fact Closer was still the stronger performerplaying at 276 sites compared to Team America's 327 and thereforeshowing a $9,749 location average compared to Team America's $8,721 evenwithout the previews included.

Clint Eastwood's MillionDollar Baby finished in fifth place while Tartan Films' 2046 scoredsolid business in 17th position.

Of the holdovers last week'sleader White Noise continued to surprise with a strong second weekendseeing a drop off of just 23%, a superb figure for a genre title.

The Aviator and Vera Drake also saw good holdover resultsslipping just 15% and 26% week-on-week respectively. Both films multi-BAFTAnominations should help sustain good numbers in the next few weeks.

Alexander, however, dived 49% against its opening weekend (notincluding previews) and is likely to exit the chart before long.