With the top four titles unchanged, the half-term effect continued inthe UK at the weekend.

The second weekend of the holiday saw Pathe's The Magic Roundaboutimprove 13% week-on-week (excluding previews) while new family release AreWe There Yet' did solid business in sixth place for Sony.

Momentum Pictures' Racing Stripes, which opened a week ahead ofthe holiday, continued to play well, rising 8% week-on-week while Son Of TheMask and The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie saw small slips.

Warner Bros' Laura's Star saw the biggest week-on-week rise (42%)but the dubbed German title still struggled to find an audience against thecompetition.

The main week of half-term (Friday Feb 11 to Thursday Feb 17) saw atotal gross of $47.8m (£25.3m), up 14% on its 2004 equivalent (Feb 13-19) whengrosses were $42.1m (£22.2m) - itself 4.5% up on 2003. The total was no matchfor 2002 though when receipts for the week stood at $51.6m (£27.2m) thanks tothe dominance of BVI's Monsters, Inc. The distributor was notably absentfrom this year's half-term family-film battle but has already scheduled ChickenLittle in next year's line-up.

Despite the family battle Meet The Fockers and Ocean's Twelvecontinued to lead the table.

Meanwhile, BVI saw two strong launches. Shall We Dance' led thenew openers in fifth place, including $434,880 (£229,560) of previews. Theplatform release of The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou, which goes widefrom Friday (Feb 25), was off the nationwide chart but made the London West Endchart. The film played exclusively at the UCI Empire, Leicester Square.