Although three wide releases battled for supremacy in the UKlast weekend it was left to two limited releases to grab the glory further downthe chart.

BVI's latest Pixar release, The Incredibles, launched at London's UCI Empire Leicester Squarecinema in digital format grossing a colossal $151,083 (£81,307).

In addition, though not yet counted on the chart, the filmtook $6.4m (£3.5m) in nationwide two-day previews from 475 sites. This previewfigure is higher than that of BridgetJones: The Edge Of Reason two weekends before ($6.2m).

Turkish title G.O.R.A.,which has seen debuts on multiple territory charts this weekend, opened at fivesites through Turkish film specialist Diva Films. While not as strong as thedistributor's February release VizonteleTuuba, which grossed $102,953 (£55,405) from four sites, G.O.R.A. still boasted an excellent$12,700 location average.

Another specialised market, Bollywood, saw a good 28%week-on-week slip (excluding previews) for Yash Raj Films' Veer Zaara. In ten days the film has already grossed $2.1m (£1.1m)making it the most successful Indian title of the year in the UK and the sixthbiggest of all time in the territory.

Bridget Jones: TheEdge Of Reason held well at the top of the chart slipping just 29% againstthe previous weekend, excluding previews.

Entertainment Film Distributor's After The Sunset beat UIP's TheManchurian Candidate and 20th Century Fox's Taxi with the three titles finishing third, fourth and fifthrespectively. The Manchurian Candidateproved strongest in London's West End and in the Republic Of Ireland, however,nationwide it proved to have the lowest site average of the three widedebutantes.