Roger Michell's British drama The Mother saw a good start in the UK this week, which saw few openers in the wake of last weekend's Matrix release.

With a screen average of $4,744 (£2,813) the film, about an older woman's belated revolt against a life of quiet desperation achieved through a relationship with her daughter's lover, landed 14th place in the chart but boasted the second best average in the top 25 behind The Matrix Revolutions.

Momentum Pictures released The Mother, which stars Anne Reid and Daniel Craig, and saw as strong return from 10 sites in London's West End where the film tallied $59,283 (£35,155) for a $5,928 average.

At the top of the chart Matrix Revolutions dropped a massive 55% and will be hard pushed to retain the lead for a third weekend given the release this Friday of Richard Curtis' romantic comedy Love Actually.