The UK finally saw a new box office champion last weekend as Scary Movie 3 ended the five week reign of The Return Of The King.

Grossing a massive $6.4m (£3.5m) from 418 sites the new life injected into the series by director David Zucker and his cast, including spoof-comedy stalwarts Leslie Nielsen (The Naked Gun) and Charlie Sheen (Hot Shots!), helped the film surpass the opening of both previous films.

Scary Movie opened in September 2000 taking $5.3m (£2.9m) from 427 sites before going on to earn $18.6m (£10.2m). Scary Movie 2 opened exactly one year later for a $2.8m (£1.6m) opening at 407 sites. It mustered $8.3m (£4.5m) in total.

Big Fish also opened well at just 17 sites in London's West End, however, it still ranked second in the West End chart behind Lost In Translation.

Following its 13 BAFTA nominations last Monday (Jan 19) BVI increased the location count and saw a 16% rise.