While the UK chart saw a new leader in Columbia TriStar's Mona Lisa Smile this week and surprisingly strong support from second-placed UIP romantic drama Honey, it was limited releases that held most sway.

BVI launched '70s TV spin-off Starsky & Hutch in London's Odeon Leicester Square and in sites across the Republic of Ireland to score the best screen average of the week and land fifth place in the chart. This impressive debut, combined with the massive $2.5m (£1.4m) taken from nationwide previews at 348 sites on Saturday and Sunday, seem sure to place Starsky & Hutch on top next weekend.

However while looking at future chart leader candidates it is also important to note the strong performance of Mel Gibson's The Passion Of The Christ in the Republic of Ireland. The religious epic launched through Eclipse Pictures in Ireland for second place and though its screen count was no match for Starsky its screen average was superior. Icon Film Distribution will launch it on March 26 across the UK.