Following on their VOD deal announced in August, Arts Alliance Media (AAM) and Sony Pictures Television International (SPTI) have struck anagreement for downloads-to-own.

Starting today, AAM's partner sites LoveFilm and AOL UK will offer UK-only downloads-to-own of select Sony Pictures films.

The initial 40 films onoffer include The Da Vinci Code, The Legend Of Zorro,Fun With Dick And Jane, The Exorcism OfEmily Rose, and Hostel.

Similar to AAM's download to own deal with Universal, customers will be allowed todownload a digital version of the film to their PC, get an additional downloadcopy to play on a portable device and also get a regular DVD copy in the mail. At a stage later this year, customers will be able toburn the films onto DVD.

The price of films willvary, with The Da Vinci Code packagebeing offered at $37.40 (£19.99). Other titles will be added simulateously withtheir UK DVD release, including Monster House and Talladega Nights: TheBallad of Ricky Bobby.

"The emergence of new ways to distribute ourmovies is critically important to our business," said Stuart Baxter, executive vicepresident of European distribution at SPTI. "Today's announcement, which is thefirst DTO agreement we have signed in Europe, represents acritical juncture for us as we seek to expand our distribution sales into newgrowth areas. AAM is pioneering models like this in the UK market and we are already working with them tosupply customers with our movies for renting. Groundbreaking services like thiswill stimulate and grow the electronic delivery of movies in the home marketand marks the next exciting phase in the ongoing expansion of our distributionbusiness."