UK support body the Film Council has allocated its first training grants for film-makers already working in the industry.

The council's bursary programme will pay for three writers - Lorrie Sheehy, Phillippa Goslett and Michael Maynard - to attend this year's Moonstone International Screen Labs in Italy. The Moonstone scheme allows writers to work with experts from Europe and the US.

Another three development executives or producers - Ynyr Williams, Fergal McGrath and Sunandan Walia - will attend this year's Les Entrepreneurs de L'audiovisuel Europeen. Covering the development of a project to packaging and marketing, the Cyprus-based scheme aims to help production companies develop.

Additionally, Denmark's North-by-North West screenwriting training programme will be attended by writers Steve Brookes, Susan Mundy and Cecilia McAllister. Writer Chris Hood and producer Jeff Perks will attend the Sources 2 Script Development Workshop in Germany, an advanced training programme for script development.