Film4 has a slate of new projects in development including feature directorial debuts from Chris Morris and Joe Cornish.

Morris, best know for his satirical TV shows for Channel 4, is preparing to shoot Four Lions this summer. The low budget production tells the story of four wayward teenages, who become fundamentalists. He is working with Mark Herbert of Warp Films.

Cornish, one half of comic duo Adam and Joe, is also gearing up to make his first feature, Attack The Block. The alien comedy focuses on a group of South London hoodies forced to step up to save the day when aliens attack. A shooting date is yet to be set.

The company is also developing Under the Skin with Jonathan Glazer (Sexy Beast). Jim Wilson and Nick Wechsler are producing the adaptation of Michel Faber’s book of the same name. It set to shoot next year. Katherine Butler, head of development at Film4 describes it as “a groundbreaking story about aliens in Scotland looking for human prey.”

Meanwhile, Neds, to be written and directed by Peter Mullan, is due to go into production this summer once the finance has been finalised. The film, which is developed with Alain de la Mata and Wild Bunch, focuses on an 11 year old boy caught up in the razor gangs in early Seventies Glasgow. He becomes increasingly lost and violent until a teacher helps him turn his life around.

While, Blackout directed byJohn Crowley is being developed with production outfit Big Talk. It will be Dennis Kelly’s first feature script. Kelly’s credits include TV series Pulling. The project is in the early stages and will go into production in 2011.