Firefly Vision, sister company of the UK's Firefly Films, has signed with Jordi Devas' Lansdowne Films to produce Skin.

Skin marks the debut of screenwriter Steven Elliott and is set in Thailand and London. Speleers is set to star in the film and the producers are currently in talks with possible directors.

Firefly Films is headed up by Ed Speleers and Simon Melhuish.

Speleers said that Firefly Vision hopes to give a voice to fresh talent and 'tap into the wealth of new and emergent scribes and directors - also maybe those who have made a name for themselves making commercials or pop promos and want to crossover into features'.

'Skin ticks all our boxes' said Melhuish. 'It's a cracking story about a young British guy who falls for the wrong girl in Thailand and the story plays out in a hail of bullets back in North London'.

The project which is set to shoot in late November 2009 has a budget of $3 million.