First LightMovies, the UK's film-making initiative for youngpeople, has changed its priorities to give greater emphasis to children underage 12 and groups from Wales, Northern Ireland and rural Scotland.

The programmelaunched in 2001 and has funded more than 750 short digital films by 5- to18-year-olds. The scheme distributes £1.1m of Lottery money (via the UK FilmCouncil funding) each year.

"After five yearsof funding short film projects, with a diverse range of groups and age rangesacross the country, First Light Movies has identified certain areas that arecontinually under represented," said Pip Eldridge, First Light's chiefexecutive. "With next year's new funding priorities we are certainly lookingforward to receiving lots more applications from the nations and groups ofyoung children. We're relishing the opportunity to help nurture the talent thatwe know is out there!"

Applications areavailable at