Metrodome Distribution, the UK distributor whose parent group this week sold a 29.9% stake to Germany's TV-Loonland, has completed a string of acquisitions including German Oscar nominee Das Experiment.

The distribution arm has also acquired the first package of films from InDigEnt, New York Dogme-style venture. Amongst the titles is Richard Linklater's Tape, a digital video feature starring Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke. Other recent pick ups include Oscar nominated Divided We Fall and Metrodome's Last Orders, which receives its UK premiere at the London Film Festival this weekend.

TV-Loonland will provide the distributor with an initial £1.5m ($2.25m) loan facility to use exclusively for acquiring features for all media. Alan Partington was recently appointed managing director of the distribution company, which will focus on theatrically-led titles including US indies, foreign-language fare and UK films.