Film London Microwave the micro-budget film-making scheme supported by BBC Films, which resulted in the award winning Shifty and Mum & Dad, has greenlit two feature films, Strawberry Fields and Foxglove.

Strawberry Fields will be directed by Frances Lea and produced by Liam Beatty. Written by Lea and award-winning playwright Judith Johnson, it's a rites of passage comedy set in England during summer.

Foxglove will be directed by Ornette Spenceley. The psychological drama is set on the outskirts of London. Spenceley and his sister Kate wrote the screenplay and Stewart Le Marechal (French Film) will produce.

The Microwave scheme, which will produce 10 films in total, challenges film-makers to shoot a feature film for under $142,000. Since its launch in 2006 the scheme has now greenlit seven projects including Mum & Dad and Shifty .

Shifty received 5 British Independent Film Awards nominations following its world premiere at The Times BFI 52nd London Film Festival and will be released on April 24 on at least 50 screens in the UK. Mum & Dad had a multi-platform release in December 2008 and will have a US release in March.

Adrian Wootton, Chief Executive of Film London said 'Film London Microwave combines creative talent with an entrepreneurial approach, creating British films which can compete commercially in today's competitive market while supporting the next generation of film-makers. The critical and financial success both Mum & Dad and Shifty have enjoyed to date proves the scheme is working.

Three additional projects are currently in production; Freestyle , Analogue and The British Guide To Showing Off.