Tom Cruise and Paula Wagner's United Artists (UA)has become the first Hollywood Film company to reach a deal with striking screenwriters.

The agreement was announced yesterday and welcomed by theWriters Guild of America (WGA), the union at the centre of the dispute.

Few details have been revealed buta joint UA-WGA statement said the 'comprehensive agreement addresses the issues important to writers, including new media.'

Deals have been signed previously with television companies, notably the one signed with David Letterman's television company Worldwide Pants that has allowed the TV host to resume his show.

But significantly the WGA-UA agreement does not cover the output of MGM, UA's parent company.

An MGM statement said: 'Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios understands the desire of United Artists to resume its business activities, but respectfully disagrees with its decision to sign an interim agreement with the WGA.

'MGM remains committed to working with AMPTP (Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers)member companies to reach a fair and reasonable agreement with the WGA that positions everyone in our industry for success in a rapidly changing marketplace.'

UA is alsonot a member of the AMPTP, which represents the major studios.

The AMPTP has played down the significance of the UA deal and has so far held a firm line.

United Artists in its current form was founded in 2006.