A dearth pf strong openers in the UK left the top six virtually unchanged over the weekend leaving Hannibal unchallenged at the top of the chart. Despite falling 40% on the previous weekend, the thriller's $1,774,915 (£1,208,717) was easily enough to hold the top spot for a fourth week. The films' reign is unlikely to last much longer, however. Even if it holds out against Pathe's Enemy At The Gates and BVI's Thirteen Days next weekend, the film will then have to face Robert DeNiro and Sandra Bullock's latest offerings (15 Minutes and Miss Congeniality respectively) on March 23.Also unchanged were BVI's Chocolat in second place, What Women Want, now in its sixth week, at five, and Proof Of Life at six. The only change in positions of last week's top six were The Gift and The Emperor's New Groove which swapped their fourth and third positions around.Momentum Pictures was celebrating its Ireland-only release of When Brendan Met Trudy over the weekend. The romantic comedy took $204,398 (£139,195) at the Irish box office on just 30 prints, claiming 12th position in the chart. This provided the film, which is the first original screenplay from Roddy Doyle, with the strongest per site average of any film in the UK and Ireland, with an impressive $6,813. The film opens across the UK on April 27th.Other openers did not fare so well. The Watcher stumbled on its opening weekend taking $691,317 (£470,787) from 233 sites. The film failed to draw the crowds of last weeks The Gift, which also starred Keanu Reeves. Also performing weakly was Optimum Releasing's Brit-com Born Romantic which managed just $291,319 (£198,388) from 222 sites for a poor average of $1,312. Optimum was able to claw some dignity back however as its Dark Days opened with the second best average of the weekend. The documentary took $24,195 (£16,477) from just 4 sites giving a healthy average of $6,048. Warner Bros will also be pleased with the opening of mockumentary Best In Show. The inspired comedy took $192,733 (£131,251) and was awarded 13th place in the chart. The film showed at 36 sites for an average of $5,354.