In the 10 years since he moved from his native Denmark to Los Angeles, Mikkel Bondesen has established himself in the competitive world of management and expanded into film and TV production.

Fuse Entertainment, the literary management company he launched in 2004, has a list of writer clients including Josh Schwartz (creator of TV hit The OC), James Vanderbilt (the upcoming Zodiac) and Heather Hach (Freaky Friday).

Through Fuse's production arm, meanwhile, the energetic Dane has produced or executive produced two US remakes of successful Danish features: family adventure Catch That Kid (based on 2002 original Klatretosen) and horror outing Solstice (based on 2003's Midsommer). A third remake, of 2004 romantic comedy Oh Happy Day, is in the works at Disney.

Bondesen's latest venture will keep him based in Hollywood but at the same time bring him back to his Danish roots. Under a recently signed deal, Fuse will produce between two and four English-language films per year that will be financed by Pathe's UK operation, Scandinavian giant Nordisk Film and a private-equity partner. Pathe will handle international sales and the films will shoot at Nordisk's studio in the Danish capital, Copenhagen.

The under-$10m projects will be, in Bondesen's words, "intelligent genre pictures" aimed at the global market. "The intent," he says, "is that we really will develop for the world marketplace, including the US."

Fuse and its partners will look for remake possibilities in the huge Nordisk library, partly to speed up development as the new venture gets going and partly, says Bondesen, "because a lot of these titles are just great titles to work off."

And, providing another boost for the local industry, some of the projects will be made by up-and-coming Scandinavian directors.

Bondesen says he and Nordisk Film managing director of film production Kim Magnusson "have been thinking about how we can get (young Scandinavian directors) to work more, because for a lot of them the move to the US is a little daunting and hard to make".

"So we thought about how we could give these guys an opportunity to make 'American' movies yet make them in the comfort of their home, with crews and facilities they've worked with before.

"Though we will be using international directors as well, a lot of the impetus is that we want to work with the local talent over there."

Mikkel Bondesen
Age: 34
Title: President and CEO, Fuse Entertainment.
Experience: Produced commercials in his native Denmark before moving to the US in 1996. After graduating from the American Film Institute, he formed Bondesen Management (which later became Bondesen-Graup) in 2001 and then, in August 2004, Fuse Entertainment.