Producer Meg Thomson has had an interesting journey since growing up in Pennsylvania. At Harvard University, she met her UK-born future business partner in Arcane Pictures, George Duffield. She worked in the Los Angeles film production world before moving to the UK eight years ago to work on Arcane's first feature, William Brookfield's Milk.

And now with Arcane backing a growing slate of high-profile films, Thomson is returning to her roots.

This autumn, she will be in Pennsylvania for the shoot of Lucy Walker's fictional feature debut Rumspringa, about a young Amish man as he grapples with faith, family and modern love. Rising UK talent Eddie Redmayne (Savage Grace, The Good Shepherd) will star.

Walker previously made the award-winning documentaries Blindsight and Devil's Playground (which was about Amish teens but is not a literal basis for the narrative feature).

"Documentary makers have that ability to improvise. They find the story with what they've got, it's not about explosions and car chases," Thomson says of working on Walker's $5m fictional debut. "Plus, Lucy knows the Amish better than anyone and our lengthy development process with BBC Films has helped find the absolute strongest story."

Thomson and Duffield's Arcane has also made a handful of shorts and the 2003 feature dot the i, which was directed by Matthew Parkhill. The company also associate produced indie comedy Live Free Or Die, just released theatrically in the US.

"George is more focused on docs and I'm more focused on features, but there is collaboration," Thomson says.

Arcane is also putting the final touches to its first theatrical documentary, Rupert Murray's Olly & Suzi, about two artists who paint and interact with wild animals.

Parkhill will re-team with Arcane for his new feature, 60 Pairs Of Calvin Kleins, which will shoot this summer in upstate New York.

The film, budgeted at $3m-$4m, is based on his novel And I Loved Them Madly, about a rebellious teenage boy who has to work at a camp for disabled children.

Thomson is also excited about Arcane's new relationship with Bikini Films, Andy Morahan and Kate Elson's commercials and music videos company. "They've got hot young directors looking to move into features so it's a way of sharing their talent and our material," Thomson says.

Bikini also has its own material in the works, including Meiert Aris' adaptation of Iain Banks' novel The Wasp Factory and David Mould's adaptation of Francis Ryck's Undesirable Company.


Rumspringa - feature about a young Amish man in crisis. Dir: Lucy Walker.

60 Pairs Of Calvin Kleins - feature about a rebellious teen working with disabled kids. Dir: Matthew Parkhill.

Olly & Suzi - documentary about artists who work with animals. Dir: Rupert Murray.

The Pro - short comedy about golfing rivals. Dirs: Hugo Currie and Toby Leslie.

Another Green World - feature about a man investigating UFOs. Dir: David Van Eyssen.

Memory Of Stone - horror. Dir: Michael J Bassett.