Universal PicturesAustralasia and ReelTime Media Ltd have partnered to launch the first studiofilm download-to-own service that will let users burn their own DVD.

The service, which launchesNov 29 through portal reeltime.tv, will release films online in Australia andNew Zealand on the same date as their retail DVD release.

The three-copy DTO modelwill access two files for download to a PC and a portable device and a thirdfile that can be securely burned to DVD.

The service will launch withan initial 35 Universal titles, including Miami Vice, The 40 Year Old Virgin, The Bourne Supremacy and King Kong. Catalogue titles will be priced at $15.55 (A$19.98) with new releasesaveraging $26.44 (A$33.98).

'Universalis delighted to launch both the first major movie DTO service in Australia andto be the first major studio internationally to launch a DTO service with asecure burn option, allowing an even more complete digital experience forconsumers,' said Liz Van Hooven, managing director of Universal PicturesAustralasia. 'We are excited to continue the Universal tradition of beingfirst to market with our world-class movies on DTO.'