Hong Kong’s Pegasus Motion Pictures has signed a string of sales on Ronny Yu’s Saving General Yang, including a deal with Universal Pictures International Entertainment for the UK, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

The $32m action thriller has also been sold to Australia (Icon Pictures), Taiwan (Disney) and Thailand (M Pictures). Huayi Brothers is handling distribution in mainland China on the film, which is scheduled for a wide release in Chinese-speaking territories in April 2013.

Written by Edmond Wong (Ip Man, Ip Man 2), the film is based on the Chinese legend of the Yang clan, in which seven brothers battle to save their father’s life. The ensemble cast includes Ekin Cheng, Adam Cheng, Xu Fan and Raymond Lam.

The film will also be released in Singapore by Cathay, which recently signed a two-year output deal with Pegasus. Cathay will also release the third installment in Pegasus’ Ip Man franchise, directed by Wilson Yip and starring Donnie Yen. Currently at script stage, Ip Man 3 will be filmed in 3D on a budget of around $36m from the first quarter of next year.