Universal Pictures and Hasbro have formed a six-year strategic partnership to produce at least four motion pictures based on Hasbro brands, including Monopoly, Candy Land, Clue, Ouija, Battleship, Magic, The Gatherin and Stretch Armstrong.

Under the terms of the deal, Hasbro will partner exclusively with Universal Pictures for feature films, with the exception of Transformers, which has already appeared, and GI Joe, which Stephen Sommers is currently filming. The first movie from this deal will be released in 2010 or 2011, and Universal will release at least one film a year thereafter.

In a press statement, Universal chairman Marc Shmuger and co-chairman David Linde praised Hasbro brands' resonance with children and adults. 'They offer an exciting opportunity for us to develop tentpole movies with built-in global brand awareness, which is a key component of our slate strategy,' the statement read.