Distributors in key territories are continuing to announce purchases from Cannes slates. Screendaily.com offers an updated look at the big deals for major territories.If you wish to comment on the list or add further deals, email screeninternational@hotmail.com.

20th Century Fox (UK): Nana's Boy

A-Film (Benelux): Crossing The Bridge, Shutter, Snow Goose

Accent (Australia) Sex And Philosophy, Sheitan, Wassup Rockers

Alpha Films(Brazil):After

Artificial Eye (UK): Hidden, The Child, Lemming, Three Times, Shanghai Dreams, Le Temps Qui Reste, The Sun

ARP (France): Shanghai Dreams

Aurum (Spain): Re-cycle, The Best Man

Aztec (Australia): Factotum, Aktus

Bac Films (France): Broken Flowers

Blue Moon (Italy): The World's Longest Penalty

Casablanca Films (Brazil): Next Door

CCV (Scandinavia): The Best Man

Celestial Pictures (Hong Kong): Shining Boy And Little Randy (Pan-Asian)

Central Partnership (Russia): After, The Legend Of Lucy Keyes

CIPA (France): The President's Last Bang

Civite Films (Spain): Be With Me

Concorde (Germany): The Lady from Shanghai, Where The Truth Lies

Constantin (Germany): Michael Clayton, Music High, Nana's Boy, Skinwalkers

Content (UK): Evil Aliens

Deltamac/ CMC (Hong Kong/ Taiwan): The Promise, Michael Clayton, Where The Truth Lies

Dendy (Australia): To Paint Or Make Love, Hidden, Good, Water, Snowcake, U-Carmen, Fateless, The Aristocrats

DNC Entertainment (Italy): The King, Transamerica, Pele Forever, 5 Fingers

Dogwoof Pictures (UK): Seducing Dr Lewis

Dutch FilmWorks (Benelux): Dark Hours

Eagle Entertainment (Italy): Mortuary

Entertainment (UK): Lassie, Monkeyface, Premonition, Whisper, Slither, Stormbreaker

Falcom(Germany): The Legend Of Lucy KeyesFandango (Italy): Where The Truth Lies

Filmax (Spain): Seven Swords

Film House (Mexico): The Bow, Mary, Iberia

Gaga (Japan): Babel, Perfume, Volver

Golden Scene (Hong Kong): Shining Boy And Little Randy

Golem (Spain): Crossing The Bridge

Gussi (Latin America): Monkeyface, Premonition

Hollywood Films (Scandinavia): Dark Hours

Hopscotch (Australia): Transamerica, Election, The Cave Of The Yellow Dog, Rize

Icon(Australia) Matchpoint, Altered

Italian International Film (Italy): The Best Man, Love and Hate

Icon Film Distribution (UK): The Night Listener, Seraphim Falls, Fast Track, It's A Boy Girl Thing

Italian International Film (Italy): The World's Fastest Indian

Jump Street Films(Australia): The King

Kino (US): The President's Last Bang, Iron Island, La Petite Jerusalem

Lion's Gate Film (US): Skinwalkers (North America)

Lucky Red (Italy): A Bittersweet Life, Shutter, Battle In Heaven, Lemming

Media So So (S.Korea): Where The Truth Lies

Medusa (Italy): The Lady From Shanghai, Music High

Metacinema (Italy): Shadows Of Time

Metrodome (UK): Manderlay, Pretty Persuasion, The Mighty Celt, Mad Hot Ballroom

Metropolitan Filmexport (France): Crying Fist,

Mikado (Italy): Harsh Times, Broken Flowers

Momentum Pictures (UK): Broken Flowers, Where The Truth Lies, The Other Half, Wilderness

Mongrel Media (Canada): Head-On, Bombon - El Perro

New Films International (US): The Prodigy, The Last Run

New Select Co (Japan): Vinci

Nexus (Italy): Fur, La Moustache, Fragile Nordisk (Scandinavia): Monkeyface, Premonition, Broken Flowers

One Movie (Italy): The Last Run, The Wonder Years

Optimum Releasing (UK): Last Days, Wolf Creek, Me, You, And Everyone We Know, Yes, New York Doll, The Holy Beast, After

Palace Film (Australia): Lemming, Once You're Born You Can No Longer Hide, Free Zone, Habana Blue, Little Jerusalem

Palm Pictures (North America): William Eggleston: In The Real World

Pan Vision(Scandinavia): Going The DistanceParadiso (Benelux): Black Christmas, Prey, Fast Track

Paramount (UK): Babel (English speaking rights)

Parasol Peccadillo (UK): Be With Me, Un Ano Sin Amor, Love In Thoughts, One Day In Europe, South Of Granada, The Confusion Of Genders

Participant Productions (North America): Fast Food Nation

Pathe (UK): Michael Clayton, Harsh Times, Black Christmas

Pathe (France): Re-cycle, Snow Goose

Planeta (Spain): Monkeyface, Premonition, Michael Clayton, Harsh Times

Presidio (Japan): Klimt

Rai 101 (Italy): Babel

Rapid Eye Movies (Germany): Mongolian Ping Pong

RCV (Benelux): Monkeyface, Premonition

Redbus (UK): Gypo, Diameter Of The Bomb, A Cock And Bull Story

Rialto(Australia): Brick, Hell, Happy Endings, DuelistRoadshow (Australia): Broken Flowers

Shinabo (S.Korea): The Best Man

Shoreline Entertainment (US): Everything's Gone Green (global exc Canada)

SND (France): Harsh Times

Soda Pictures (UK): Niagara Mote

Sola Media (Germany): Lotte From Gadgetville (global rights), One Love

Sony Pictures Classics (multi-territory rights): Merry Christmas, Hidden

Splendid (Germany): The Dark Hours, Re-cycle

Ster Kinekor (South Africa): Best Man, Broken Flowers

Storm Entertainment (US): These Foolish Things (global)

Strand Releasing (US): Loggerheads

StudioCanal (France): Babel

Svensk (Scandinavia): Snow Cake

Swipe Films (UK): Paper Clips

Tartan Films (UK): Battle In Heaven, The King, Blood Rain, The Red Shoes, Black Book, Re-Cycle, Snow Goose

Tartan USA (USA): Battle In Heaven

Telemunchen (Germany): The Mermaids Singing

Teodora (Italy): Shanghai Dreams, Adams Apples

TF1 (France): Monkeyface, Premonition, Black Christmas, Prey, Tom-Yum-Goong

THINKFilm (Canada): Everything's Gone Green, Diameter Of The Bomb (North America)

Tobis (Germany): Babel, Broken Flowers

Toshiba (Japan): Lady Chatterley

TOT Movie (Spain): Off The Map, November

Touchstone (US): Music High

UIP (France): Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait

Universal (UK and France): Music High, The Black Dahlia (US)

Universal Pictures Japan (Japan): Re-cycle

Vertigo (Spain), Broken Flowers

Video Filmes (Brazil): The Five Of USVidea (Italy): The Night Listener

Warner Brothers (US): August Rush

Wolfe LLC (North America): Gypo

The Weinstein Company (North America): Decameron, The Promise (also the UK, Australia and South Africa), Nomad (also the UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa), Last Legion, Young Hannibal