The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) announced at Sundance [Jan 20] that it will increase its annual ACE/SilverDocs documentary grant to $25,000.

The grant, which is part of The HSUS's Animal Content in Entertainment (ACE) programme, is designed to encourage the inclusion of animal issues in documentary film-making.

The grant recipient will be selected in June at the 2008 SilverDocs: AFI Discovery Channel Documentary Festival.

'From Sicko to Darfur Now to Super Size Me, feature-length documentaries have proven they are an effective medium for igniting discussion and debate among large movie-going audiences and have cemented their position at the unique intersection between filmmaking and social advocacy,' Ross Hammer, director of The HSUS's ACE programme, said.

'As the nation's largest mainstream animal protection group, the aim of The HSUS is to go beyond our 10 million members and reach a wider audience with a project that has the potential impact of An Inconvenient Truth.'