TheProducers Guild Of America (PGA) has formed The New Media Council (NMC) with aview to explore the state of the digital arena and recognize the producers whoproduce and distribute digital entertainment.

Theseprojects expand beyond film and TV and are defined in five categories:movie/video production (companies such as BMW Films and Duality), animatedproduction (Gary The Rat and Timber Wolf), website production (b There andFrontline), interactive television production (Weakest Link, CSI) and gameproduction (Black And White and Medal Of Honor).

Chairman of the NMC isproducer Marc Levey, who said that the NMC's educational, network andoutreach programmes will confront the difficulties producers have in masteringnew technology among other agendas. This campaign will be launched on Aug 17with an animation seminar focused on producing animation in digital and newmedia.