25 documentaries on the state of the USA - tackling topics such as the aftermath of September 11, the impact of US led globalisation and militant American organisations - will form the backbone of a USA Today programme at this year's International Documentary Festival in Amsterdam.

The documentaries include: New Americans (USA 2003), directed by last year's IDFA winner Steve James and others, about people from different parts of the world migrating to the US; Brothers And Others (USA 2002) by Nicolas Rossier on discrimination; and Parallel Lines (USA 2003) by Nina Davenport, a road movie about American life after the 9.11 attacks.

IDFA director Ally Derks told ScreenDaily.com: 'Originally we planned a programme with 'Fuck You' as its working title, showing docs that would be different in content and form from the docs that IDFA usually shows. But when the entries we received were mainly about current USA-related topics - coming also from American documentary makers that couldn't get their films shown in their own country - we decided to turn it into an exclusively 'USA Today' programme.'

Another three projects on subjects related to US policy have been selected for IDFA's co-production market forum: Onward Muslim Soldiers, on anti-western Islamic militants in Indonesia, produced by Hilton Cordell & Associates; Australia, and two French productions called Hollywood Pentagon, about the links between Hollywood and the Pentagon, by Les Films d'Ici; and Iraq: Hour Zero, about the preparation of the Iraqi war on both sides by Point du Jour Productions.

The full programme of this year's IDFA will be announced on a press conference today.