0605, the last film of murdered Dutchfilmmaker Theo van Gogh, was released on the Internet on Sunday. The thriller,which reconstructs a fictional conspiracy around the murder of Dutch politicianPim Fortuyn, is the first European feature film to be legally broadcast theInternet before its theatrical release.

0605, which refers to the date Fortuynwas killed, will be released on the big screen during the International FilmFestival Rotterdam in January.

Internet service provider Tiscali, whichfinanced the Euros 2m feature, allowed the film to be downloaded over a periodof four days for a fee of Euros 5.

In the first couple of hours, hundreds of Dutch websurfers already bought the film

Tiscali has sold the internet distribution rights forthe film to Italian provider NotOnTV.net. 0605 will also be madeavailable in the United States, Canada and Australia.

The film contends that the Dutch Intelligence Servicedid not prevent the murder of right wing Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn, who wasshot on the 6th of May 2002.

The politician, who was recently voted GreatestDutchman ever, appears in the film in actual news footage from his campaign. 0605is the last film of controversial Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh who wasmurdered a month ago by an extremist Muslim.