In reunion worthy of the movies, sales agents Bjorg Veland and Heather Playford-Denman are to start working together again after a three year separation. The move appears to signal an expansion of the Oslo-based BV International sales and finance operation run by Veland.

"We are keen to develop a label and act more like a studio," said Veland. "We now have the financing options through investors and the funds we operate in Germany and Canada." She is keen to stand the business on four legs: foreign-language productions; English-language pictures; catalogue sales; and, one which spans documentaries and series.

Instead of a simple return to the film sales circuit, the veteran Playford-Denman will operate as BV International's executive producer as the company enlarges its production activities. She rejoins the BV International fold armed with a slate of four pictures.

Ready for delivery is Plato's Breaking Point, a $1.4m psychological drama by first-time British director Nigel Barker, a former music engineer and film editor. Barker's next gig is on Asylum, a political thriller about Iraqi refugees facing deportation from the UK. Produced by Melloney Roffe and Maureen Murray's Maximise Productions, it is now shooting in black and white.

Maximise will also produce Night In The Fog, a psychological horror picture that kicks of with a cab driver who gets into trouble when one of passengers accuses him of murder. Barker is once again scheduled to direct from a Paul Copeland script.