Italy's BimDistribuzione has picked up all Italian rights to Blue Moon, Austriandirector Andrea Maria Dusi's feature debut which follows the odyssey of threecharacters from Vienna to the Black Sea port of Odessa.

BlueMoon, which received its world premiere at the Locarno Film Festival lastmonth, has been sold by First Hand Films to Switzerland (Monopole Pathe),Austria (Filmladen) and Germany (Ventura Film).

Meanwhile, Rai Cinema's distribution arm Distribution 01 has acquired all Italian rights to two newmovies: The Shooter, a Lakeshore/Paramount action/thriller and on 'o:p>

on Shopgirl,a Lakeshore comedy starring and based on a book by Steve Martin, about a28-year-old wannabe artist who cannotquite pull herself out of her day job in the glove department at Neiman's. Bothfilms are in development.