As part of a new drive to boost market interest in theVenice Film Festival, around 30-40 international buyers are expected to beinvited to the Venice pre-Screenings, which will take place on the Lido fromAugust 30 to September 1.

The pre-Screenings will be managed by AIP (AudiovisualIndustry Promotion), the new organisation formed by Cinecitta and Fiera diMilano, MIFED's parent company.

"The Venice pre-Screenings are a very intelligent move,as that way buyers can see the films before they go to Toronto," saidGiovanni Galoppi, president of AIP, during a conference at the Giffoni FilmFestival.

The Venice Screenings saw the light in embryonic form lastyear. This year, Venice is offering two types of accreditation for the IndustryOffice. In addition to the Classic accreditation, buyers and sellers will alsobe able to sign up for the Market Club accreditation, which will give themperks such as reserved areas to conduct business in the Casino and a"front-line" position for pre-Screenings.