UK distributor Metrodomehas promoted Jezz Vernon to Head of Marketing. Hereplaces Tom Grievson, who is leaving Metrodome to join Warner Bros. as Marketing Manager.

Vernon joined Metrodome in 2005 from RevolverEntertainment. He had been Marketing Manager at music publication NME. He willnow oversee marketing for theatrical and DVD campaigns.

Metrodome Managing Director Peter Urie said: "Jezz has alreadyshown great promise and was instrumental in the incredible success behind Flight 93. I am certain that his driveand enthusiasm will further enhance our existing team. I am looking to grow thebusiness significantly in the coming months and I am confident that Jezz fit well into an already excellent management team."

The distributor'sforthcoming theatrical releases include EchoPark L.A., Container, Them and DaysOf Glory (Indigenes).