Joel Schumacher's Veronica Guerin has crossed the Euros 2m mark in Ireland for distributor Buena Vista International.

Ireland marks the first phase of BVI's international roll out for the film, which goes on to launch in the UK this weekend.

Helped by poor weather, Veronica Guerin took an extraordinary Euros 99,000 from 63 prints in Ireland on Monday night, pushing its take to Euros 2,061, 310.

The story of a journalist killed by the drug dealers she exposed has resonated strongly with a broad cross section of the Irish public. Exhibitors report that Veronica Guerin is drawing Irish people to the cinema who've not been for some time, in the same way as Michael Collins and Titanic did when they each grossed Euros 5.21m and Euros 8.8m respectively in Ireland,.

The film opened with previews of Euros 51,321 before heading the Irish box office chart on its first weekend (July 11-13) with Euros 342,074. On its second weekend (July 18-20) it retained pole position over the three-day weekend, rising to Euros 360,804. While on its third weekend topping the chart (July 25-27) it dropped off a mere 2% to Euros 353,901.

By contrast UIP's The Hulk previewed with Euros 133,684, had a strong first weekend (July 18-20) with Euros 294,581 but has tailed off dramatically by over 50% to Euros 144,521 off 70 prints on its second weekend (July 25-27).

BVI launches Veronica Guerin across the UK from Friday (Aug 1), adding 220 sites in the UK to those already playing the drama in Ireland.