UK production anddistribution company Vertigo Films has announced a unique financing structurefor its next feature, Nick Love's Outlaw. The budget for the film will be less than $5 million.

The film's entire budgetwill be funded by the public, through a website withinvestment packages of £10, £50, and £100.

In return for their contributions,investors will get incentives including executive producer credits on the DVD,film merchandise such as T-shirts, the chance to be a film extra, invites toscreenings, and production updates. The website goes live today.

Producer Allan Niblo said:"Vertigo Films is extremely proud and excited to be involving the UK public inthis unique opportunity to fund Nick Love's next feature film. We are confidentthat fans of Nick's work and British film fans in general will be intrigued andenthusiastic about being directly investing involved within Outlaw".

Love previously directed TheFootball Factory and The Business for Vertigo.

Vertigo said Outlaw willstart shooting in the UK in July 2006, although no cast is announced yet.

"My next film is a collection of true stories and incidents told to meby the public up and down the country," said Love. "Outlaw is about a groupof people that take the law into their own hands and try to right perceivedwrongs."

Vertigo's other pastproductions include Human Trafficand It's All Gone Pete Tong.