Over a weekend whenonly one film, The Village, couldmanage to gross over $10m at the international box office, it was still alandmark period for Buena Vista International.

BVI achieved $1bnin international ticket sales for the 10th year in a row. It also saw King Arthur cross the $100m mark, while The Village enjoyed number one launchesin multiple European territories including The Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden andNorway.

Meanwhile, The Bourne Supremacy received a boost from openings inAustralia, New Zealand, Israel, Singapore and Thailand through UIP; while Fox'scomedy DodgeBall made its debut onthe international circuit with a strong start in the UK and a so-so launch inMexico.

Meanwhile as hisprevious film, Hero, topped the NorthAmerican charts Zhang Yimou's House OfFlying Daggers shot back into the international chart following itsJapanese launch through Warner Bros under the title Lovers.

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Theinternational table is compiled each week by Leonard Klady for ScreenInternational