Months of controversy ended early this week Thomas Vinterberg's It's All About Love completed its financing.

The Danish Film Institute (DFI) reversed an earlier decision and decided to back it with $600,000 (DKR5m) and Nordic Film & TV Fund raised its support by $110,000 (NKR1m) completing the $10.2m (DKR85m) budget.

The DFI's film-consultant, Vinca Wiedemann, had earlier refused to back the project with more than DKR3m as it was an English-language production. The latest award filled a gap in the budget which emerged after French co-producer Slot Machine, had been unable to secure its financing. This leaves France as one of the very few territories not yet pre-sold. Sales on the Joaquin Phoenix and Claire Danes- starring film are handled by Trust Film Sales and FilmFour (English-language).

Wiedemann said: "The film is a big and bold artistic venture for Thomas Vinterberg, who chose this project ahead of several favourable international offers. I have always thought it a project that it was natural the Danish Film Institute backed."

It's All About Love started shooting last week with the Danish capital Copenhagen doubling as New York. The production moves to Sweden's Film In West's Trollhattan-studios where they shoot until June 30.