Two of Denmark's most acclaimed filmmakers, Lars von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg - who together fathered the influential Dogme95 movement - are once again joining forces.

Vinterberg is to direct the von Trier scripted Dear Wendy, a contemporary English-language film set in the US about a group of youngsters obsessed with guns.

Von Trier started writing Dear Wendy - described by observers as one of his most commercial scripts to date - before he began shooting his forthcoming Dogville, starring Nicole Kidman. "After the completion of the Dear Wendy script about the magical power of guns, I understood that I needed Thomas Vinterberg to bring the script to life. Luckily he agreed," said von Trier. "Lars writes brilliantly and I like the story," said Vinterberg, who is currently putting final touches on the score for It's All About Love, which has been set for a January 10 domestic release. Trust Film Sales will handle world sales on Dear Wendy.

Dear Wendy will be produced under a new banner set up in collaboration between Zentropa Productions and Nimbus Film. The as yet untitled company will be controlled 50-50 by the two outfits. Dear Wendy is set to shoot in the summer of 2003 on an estimated $5m budget.

Production duties on the film will be handled by newcomer Sisse Graum Olsen, who previously produced Niels Arden's comedy Chop Chop and Lone Scherfig's Wilbur Wants To Kill Himself for Zentropa Productions.