Hong Kong major Media Asia has been forced to cut a key scene from its new film Visible Secret. But the company looks like ending up with the last laugh.

In a last minute move suburban rail operator MTR asked Media Asia to cut a scene in which a character dressed as a ghost sat among other passengers on an underground train. The character is dressed in traditional high collared Chinese clothing with a white face and blood red lips. That may not have been enough to scare away business, but neither company was taking any risks. Under the terms of its shooting permit Media Asia was obliged to submit the Ann Hui film to the train company. MTR had asked that the posters (pictured) for the film be removed and then threatened to make Media Asia legally responsible if any of its passengers were made uneasy.

Media Asia complied and cut the three minute scene, meanwhile switching its postering to bus shelters instead.

But the controversy has done nothing to scare away spectators. Distributed in 29 Golden Harvest and Gala Circuit cinemas the film took $12,800 (HK$100,000) in its first two screenings of today's opening day run. "I think it is safe to say that we will have a very good opening weekend," said Cora Yim, Media Asia senior manager.