It was part of the 3D Society’s Lumiere Awards which took place at the Beverly Hills Hotel, LA.

The creative team at London based 3D services company Vision3 has been awarded the International 3D Society’s Lumiere award for Outstanding Achievement (Short Motion Picture/Narrative) for The Foundling.

Set within a travelling circus in 1936, the film was directed by Barney Cokeliss and produced by RSA Films. It was praised for its exceptional use of 3D to drive the emotion and story.

Adam May, head of production at Vision3, accepted the award on behalf of Chris Parks, Angus Cameron, Luke Beauchamp and the Vision3 Team.

Chris Parks, who also served as stereo supervisor on Warner Bros’ Gravity and Jack And The Giant Killer said: “The textures, colours and designs of the Circus lent themselves beautifully to 3D and we really wanted to use the medium to help convey the feel of that environment but also to add to the very strong narrative thread that runs throughout the film.”

Other winners at the I3DS Creative Awards included Martin Scorsese’s Hugo which collected the awards for Best Live Action 3D Feature, Best 3D Moment of the Year and Best Stereography Lumiere.

Scorsese was also honoured separately with the Harold Lloyd 3D Filmmaker Award, presented by Lloyd’s own granddaughter, Suzanne Lloyd.

The ceremony also bestowed a Special Jury Award to Wim Wender’s Pina 3D.

In the animation categories, Phil McNally and the Dreamworks team were recipients of the Lumiere for Best Stereography (Animation) for Puss In Boots and The Adventures of TinTin which won for Best 3D Animated Feature.