Nesta/UKFC digital innovation programme - In part 3 we talk to VOD Almighty


Editor’s Note: ScreenDaily is running a year-long series following the progress of 12 film companies working with consultants on finding models to make money from digital innovations in a UK Film Council/National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (NESTA)project called Take 12. In Part 1 we talked to onedotzero and in Part 2 to Revolver Entertainment. In Part 3 below, we talk to Christopher Figg and Kirsty Peart of VOD Almighty.

When Screenasked the industry experts to predict the future of cinema, one of the concepts that came up again and again was video on demand (VOD).

It is hardly surprising then, that one of the 12 film businesses taking part in the UK Film Council/NESTA’s digital innovation programme Take 12 should be a company called VOD Almighty.

The brainchild of UK independent film producers Christopher Figg (Dog Soldiers, Heidi, Greyfriars Bobby) and Kirsty Peart, VOD Almighty is a new subscription-based online film streaming service, which will provide access to a library of international films. The films, in all genres, will be sourced by special ‘country agents’ who will have local knowledge as well as links with local film-makers and festivals. Each country will also have its own dedicated web page with free local news and editorial features.

‘We have full screen technology which streams seamlessly, with the right broadband. It means you can start watching a feature length HD film in 10-15 seconds, on your 52-inch plasma screen, plugged in to your computer. It’s simple to use, but great quality,’ Peart explains.

The pair are now putting finishing touches to the website and expect the service to be up and running in the next few months. Interested customers can now register at

‘We chose VOD Almighty to take part in Take 12 because of their appetite and the fact that they had a very clear idea of what they wanted to get out of the programme. We liked VOD’s principles of integrity and their ethics of democratisation of films,’ says Haidee Bell from NESTA. ‘The journey VOD has been on is probably the quickest and most detailed of the 12 companies on the programme. They have a project and deadlines and are well on their way to achieving their aims,’ she adds.

Given the global nature of the project, it is clearly a big undertaking. But one that, if it pays off, could shape the future of home entertainment. With a name like VOD Almighty, they expect nothing less.

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