Distrify will show online trailers at the upcoming Edinburgh International Film Festival.

Scottish based VOD company Distrify is teaming up with the Centre for the Moving Image (the parent company of the Edinburgh International Film Festival) to create an “innovative new film marketing and distribution channel online.”

The new platform will be launched at the forthcoming EIFF, where Distrify will present online film trailers for the festival. Audiences will also be able to search for screenings and share trailers via Facebook, Twitter and other social media forums. 

Gavin Miller, CEO, Centre for the Moving Image said: “Rapid technological change in moving image creation and distribution, coupled with changing consumer behaviour, puts digital platforms and distribution at the heart of the CMI’s ambition.”

Distrify founder Andy Green added: “We’re very pleased the CMI have chosen a home-grown company, we know of some top international players vying for this position but the CMI understand developing a domestic industry vision with Distrify is more constructive in the long term.”