US-based Full Moon Features has entered the VoD sector with the announcement on Tuesday [5] that it was launching the streaming service Grindhouseflix for rare B-movies with the premiere of Ooga Booga.

The service provides access to a host of grindhouse films dating back to the 1960s, with payment options ranging from a $4.99 monthly plan to $1.99 for individual rentals.

Through the Grindhouseflix app, the service streams to a range of devices including iPhones, iPads, Androids, tablets and desktops.

“We wanted to create an unparalleled movie site for impossible to find cult classics,” said Full Moon founder Charles Band. “This service will finally make it possible to discover the obscure films that played in decadent arthouse cinemas years ago, and be first to access our exciting world premieres, such as our newest feature film Ooga Booga.”

Ooga Booga is set to debut on Mar 12 and follows the murder of an African-American medical student who then exacts his revenge on racists while spiritually trapped inside the body of an obscure toy. Band directed the film starring Karen Black, Stacy Keach and internet celebrity Maddox.