IPTV network and anime specialist Gong Media has launched an international VOD platform, GongVision.

The new platform offers free streaming, paid streaming of programmes on a time-block basis (whereby viewers purchase a specified time block or pass on a GongVisionchannel, which can be viewed anytime, paused, rewound, and re-viewed), DTR (download to rent), and DTO (download to own).

Gonvision will be available in Europe, the Americas, Africa, Middle East, South Asia (India, Pakistan), and Australia.

Japanimation series will be available in dubbed and original subtitled versions by way of streaming or 16/9 HD. Viewers will be able to view a range of anime series including Full Metal Alchemist and Ikki Tousen.

Launched in the UK in December 2006 GONG is an international network that delivers entertainment programmes and animation via TV, mobile devices and the internet. It is available in ten languages in over 100 countries.